As a busy Washington, DC professional and business owner, new beginnings in 2015 may mean stopping, changing, or improving something you have already been doing. I found over 36 hot (and useful) business resolutions by business owners and professionals and they all equaled down to Value!

Everything led to providing more value.

From saying no to focusing on empathy and customer service, people just like you are looking not just at business resolutions but personal resolutions that will affect your business.

So what is the #1 Business Resolution?   There isn’t one.

Now, I am not going to send you into a tailspin to find out where you need to look to find one that fits your ultimate goal.  I know that you are busy so I am going to help you.  I have three questions for you!

  1. What is your ultimate business goal?
  2. What is your weakest business acumen or biggest gap?
  3. What can you complete or gain substantial ground?

That was easy right?  Just answer those questions and you have your #1 Business Resolution for 2015.

If you are one of those people that has multiple areas that need a spotlight of focus to make money this year, what is the quickest to complete?  What is the one closest to the money?  What is the one you hate to do?  Picking one of the three will also bring about the momentum you need to get and keep the ball rolling.

In all fairness, sometimes people need a business coach or strategist, but before you spend the money, I say do something by yourself first that you know you can do correctly before hiring someone.  Take it from someone who has spent over $100,000 on business coaching.  Some of it good, and some of it totally useless or simply basic.  So it is okay to take time to get clear on the resolution or goal you need to make.  You don’t need a year but take the time you need.

So, if you are just starting out and are thinking, I NEED EVERYTHING!  Start with the business card, simple website (it could be 1 page), and a 1 page business plan of your business.  You can take care of all of this in as little as 1 hour to as much as 1 day.

If you have a few things already established, fill in the easy gaps so that the void doesn’t keep tugging at your psyche and keep you in a stagnant depression mindset.  Type A visionaries like me can experience that feeling on the “easy” items we don’t seem to get done due to life’s overwhelm and several unfinished tasks.

Some of you are well established and on your way to making a $1 million in revenues or may have surpassed that already.  You have strategic goals that need to be accomplished and you are probably very clear about your known needs but not about some new ground.  Again, I will direct you to the first three questions above and don’t be scared to get help in determining where you need the help.

You may be wondering what others are looking to do in 2015.  Well, let me share some of those areas I found.

  • Just say No
  • Delegate
  • Schedule ME time
  • Outsource
  • Hire
  • Reduce hours
  • Capture leads
  • Increase quality of leads
  • Create lead generation system
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Add/Increase content value, quality, method, frequency
  • Build better product
  • Work life balance
  • Expand reach
  • Create online training programs
  • Revisit the basics to do better
  • Be generous and useful
  • Have relevance and new inspirations
  • Increase sales
  • Change client approach
  • Increase network activity
  • Create video content marketing
  • Add visual content
  • Include audio option to blogs/articles
  • Make/Change a budget
  • Make website mobile
  • Improve sales enablement
  • Review business model
  • Use smart content marketing analytics
  • Improve marketing
  • Be more creative
  • Systemize and document business processes
  • Create/Use more innovative technologies
  • Use technology smartly.

These resolutions repeatedly showed up in various CEOs’ lists in various arenas across the globe.  The biggest thing you need to know is that having foresight is the best stimulator for deciding what your resolutions should be.  Know where you are going and the resolutions will come easy.


L. Denise Jackson, America’s Leadership Solutionist, is a speaker, author, and founder of 2020Foresight™ and Manage Like You Own It®.  You can reach her for questions at and go to her website for more information.