As 2016 approaches you may be feeling that familiar calling.  An opportunity for change approaches.  It may be a blessing or a curse to heed the call.  You know the drill:

  1. Make a resolution December 31st.
  2. Celebrate New Years Eve.
  3. Wake up January 1st with a vague recollection of the night before’s resolution and little resolve to even get out of bed.

We all get caught up in the excitement of the new year, the sense of renewal, the time for a fresh start.  It’s another chance to finally get it right.  Who wouldn’t grab onto that hope?  When we are caught up in the excitement we make loose commitments to ourselves without fully evaluating the work required to accomplish them.  As Benjamin Franklin says, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”  Failing your New Years Resolutions yet again is more damaging than not making any at all.  How many failed resolutions have you made?  Does that mean you are a failure at life?

Consider this.  You have goals for your business and your life.  You may not have made them at this particular time of the year, but you have them and you have been accomplishing them right along.  Let us take a moment to reflect on all we have already accomplished and celebrate.  Cheers!

Now back to our opportunity for change.  In stepping away from the traditional resolution, consider this statement. “This year I resolve NOT to: (fill in the blank)”  Some times it’s easier NOT to do something than it is TO DO something.


2016 Un-Resoultions – This year I resolve NOT to:


Focus on lack, worry and fear-

Focusing on what you don’t have or haven’t yet done takes energy away from the growth process.  So do worry and fear.  Invest your energy in positive ventures.  Feeling positive emotions generates inspiration and motivation.


Blame or make excuses-

Knowing who’s “fault” or justifying why it is solves nothing.  Being accountable and growing from mistakes is where the true success lies.


Compare or judge-

Speaking negatively of ourselves, comparing ourselves to others and judging our selves all chip away at our state of mind.  Nothing positive can come from a negative, critical mind.  It is important to look critically, but not criticize.


Expect perfection-

You will make mistakes.  Perfect is a myth.  Define clearly what is perfect for you.  Focus on all the things you’ve done and are doing right.  Dwelling on the negative and on past failures is a lack of focus.




Underestimate the Obstacles-

There will be challenges and detours.  Evaluating possible shortcomings and doing some trouble shooting in the beginning goes a long way toward successfully navigating  your path.


Work from obligation vs passion-

This year I allow myself to do passionate work.  To choose the things that excite me and stir deep in my soul.  I will no longer do things because it’s the way it’s always been or because I feel obligated.  I choose to delve deeper into my daydreams and downtime diversions.


Limit myself-

I will not holdback, box myself in or stay small.  I will believe anything is possible and break through any self imposed limits.  I am the only one standing in my way.  I choose to feel limitless and see all the ways I am accomplished and moving forward.


There are many successful alternatives to making new years resolutions such as creating new year’s intentions, new years evolutions, declarations and mantra’s.  These all allow you to focus on making a change. Call it what you will, the end result is the same, new habits are formed. Goals are met.  Successes are found.  It’s all about feeling good about yourself and growing.  The key to success is focusing your energy where it is most impactful.  It is not about changing the old habits but building the new.  Feeling successful, moving forward and growing. This is the opportunity the new year represents.