The weather is finally starting to warm up and with this, most people find they are inspired to focus on ‘clean up’ efforts for their business. Here are 4 ways you can prepare your business’s social media presence for summer:

Check on the Small Details

Over the busy fall and winter seasons, there may be several things that have evolved in your organization. Check the “About” section of your website and all social media pages for contact info, summary verbiage and any links to make sure they are still accurate and all links are pointing to the appropriate websites. In addition, check the user roles of any employees that may have Administrator rights to your social pages. Anyone that may have left the company, or been promoted into a different role may still have unnecessary access.

What’s your Focus for Summer?

Be sure to determine what your social media focus is for the Summer season, and update your cover photos for Facebook, Twitter, etc to reflect this. If you are promoting an event or a special product showcase, use these high-profile social images to set the stage for your focus. Research any hashtags you’ll be using for this event, or create your own, and make it front and center in your new images as well.

Clean up your Email List

Subscribers to your email list move, change emails and sometimes give false information. Take the time to sort your unsubscribes, and all other failed delivery email addresses out of your list so that your reporting numbers are not skewed and you have an accurate idea of the size of your actual list. In addition, a highly targeted, accurate email list is a great way to reconnect with these subscribers on social media through the use of social advertising’s custom audiences feature. In other words, a subscriber who is receiving your email can also view a targeted ad in their Facebook newsfeed from you promoting whatever event or focus you have going on at the time. In addition, setting up a landing page designed to give away some information in exchange for your target market’s email address is a great strategy for growing your email list with qualified individuals that you can nurture over time through email.

Plan Your Social Strategy for the next 9-12 months

If you haven’t already invested the time to do this, Spring is a great time of year to determine and articulate your goals for social media. Just being active on social media should never be your goal. You want to first determine your marketing direction for the coming year, and then decide how social media fits into the plan to accomplish that objective. If you need assistance with this process, a social media strategist can be a great fit to help you get clarity on your marketing and social media efforts.

You’ll enjoy the warmer days and sunshine even more knowing you are focused and targeted in your social media efforts in the coming months.

Leila Ansart


Leila Ansart is a social media consultant who is passionate about helping business owners and professionals use social media to accomplish their business goals. She offers social media strategy, training and community management, as well as teaching popular classes on how to use LinkedIn effectively for networking and lead generation. Please follow her at and, and view additional info at her website