At some point in man’s life he and a friend will get together and talk about their dream of owning a bar. For most men this just stays as an idea, but for Luke Bowen and Trevor Hayward, they made their idea a reality. Evil Genius Beer Company is the result of their efforts and determination to reach their potential and not settle for anything less. Luke and Trevor were friends who attended graduate school together at Villanova University. Neither thought that their path would lead to owning and operating a brewery, but the Recession of 2008 changed everything. Like many others, Luke and Trevor needed a change of pace and change of plans, and starting their own business was just what they were looking for.



Before the Recession, Luke and Trevor were finishing school with the plans of finding their career in accounting or investment banking. These career choices, however, would not have worked out well for either of them when the Recession hit. At the time both Luke and Trevor were tired of being someone’s “employee.” They had worked in sales, had managers they didn’t get along with, and ultimately decided they wanted to be their own boss. On a night out at their local bar, the idea of owning their own brewery was born. They put in the work, searched for investors, developed their product, and saw their vision come reality.



One can find Evil Genius’ beer across 7 States from New York down to Maryland. Luke and Trevor wanted to make their brand stand out and contain aspects of themselves and their personalities into their product. They use unconventional, memorable names for their beers that are likely to give a laugh or bring up a feeling of nostalgia while ordering. Au’loni was able to have chat with Luke and Trevor and hear a bit more about their product and their story. Both shared their frustrations with looking for a job where you work for a company you like and with people you like. Luke had shared that while he and Trevor were still in school, he knew he wanted to start a business with him, no matter what it was or where it ended up. Starting a brewery happened one of several ideas they pitched to one another, however it was the one idea that stuck. Luke and Trevor define themselves as “high performing people” and realized early they were meant to work for themselves and not under someone else. The pair have big plans in the works which includes opening their own home brewery/Pub location in Fishtown, Philadelphia. They hope to expand their brand and grow their product in the coming months and they believe Philadelphia is the epicenter of the audience they are after.



Luke and Trevor’s story shows how plans can change in an instant and how a simple idea with your friend can lead to a successful business that you can call your own. Being a self starter isn’t just about finding that one thing that no one else has done, it’s about taking something and making it your own and fully committing yourself to it. In Luke and Trevor’s case it was joining the craft beer scene and pushing their way through to stand out from the crowd. Be on the lookout for their new brewery opening this year, where they hope to showcase what they do in their own space and attract others to indulge in what they love doing.


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