Recently, our team had the opportunity to catch up with the unstoppable Ms. Sara Stokes. We were thrilled to chat up with the beautiful and talented mother, recording artist, reality TV star and entrepreneur to find out what she’s been up to for more than a decade.  During our conversation, Sara discussed reclaiming her career, an update on motherhood, and also how she has evolved over the years.

In 2002, Sara Stokes had her big break when she was accepted into a music group- formally known as Da Band. The group went on to become platinum selling recording artists, while also obtaining a creative skit on the once well-known TV series, The Dave Chappelle Show. Sara was the lead female vocalist in the band, who many had come to respect and admire for her drive, dedication, and perseverance to become a singer. Although the group eventually came to an end, there was still a ton of love flowing for the members from communities all over the world.

Sara has always been determined to reach for the stars. Her passion to pursue her dreams have led her on a journey of highs and lows, but Sara shares she wouldn’t trade any of her experiences because they have made her stronger and wiser. When she was just a young girl, her mother told her that she always had an outgoing personality and that she never found comfort in giving up. She also loved performing and had an enthusiastic, go-getter attitude.

While chatting with Sara, it was evident that she is simply enjoying her life and is happy with her growth as a young woman-personally and professionally. As the mother of three young adults, she credits that her children have been her greatest inspiration and that they continue to wow her with their achievements. Their strength to overcome challenges, has shown Sara that she can achieve anything in life, as well as face any obstacles that comes her way.

Being that she is a mother with ambitious young adults, we were interested about what she thought of the entertainment industry. We asked the star what her advice would be to teens looking to get into such a tough and demanding industry, which   Sara Shared: “I’d just say keep your heads on your shoulders and be smart about business. Be sure to have a good support system because everybody around you is not for you, so use your resources and make sure that you have a good team in your circle that holds your best interest. In this industry, it takes a lot of late nights with little sleep and you’ll have to keep your game face on. There is a perception that everything is glitz and glamour, and it’s not. It takes hard work and dedication to succeed.” Sara also shared that youth should strive to stay in school and get an education before taking such a leap.

By refusing to bury her dreams and maintaining clear focus, the artist currently has a flourishing single called ,”Sneak Peek”, that is currently available on iTunes. Alongside her gorgeous voice, she has a surprise guest embracing the hot new track that is dear to her heart- and “hint-hint”, a past band mate.

In addition to her fierce new R& B single, she has been an extremely busy woman with her role as an entrepreneur. The star now has a new partnership with Pinup Cosmetics called the “Sneak Peak Lip Collection” that contains a lipstick, lip liner and gloss. The upcoming line is affordable and has a full range of diversity in colors, which will embrace both bold and neutral looks to add variety.

Although there was a slight set-back with the bands breakup, Sara has continued her journey to pursue her dreams and we are happy she did!

 I’m a human. Just like everybody else. I bleed blood just as any other human and I have a heart. Everybody has setbacks. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t go through obstacles, but they have helped me to accomplish more and are a part of my story. I only want to achieve my goals, follow my dreams and live a great life! – Sara Stokes


Sara’s personality was simply infectious and she was a sublime sweetheart. She was appreciative, bubbly and excited to just be living life!




To connect with Sara Stokes on her Social Media platforms, check her out at:

Instagram: Sara_Stokes

Twitter: @SexySaraStokes

YouTube: Sara Stokes

Facebook: Sara.Stokes. 330


You can also catch her on Centric TV on a new docu-series produced by Queen Latifah titled, From the Bottom Up.