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About Us

Auloni Magazine addresses the evolution of business by highlighting the innovators and game changers of every industry. Our featured individuals and companies are on the fast track to becoming household names in just a few short years. Our Now is Next is the perfect slogan as new generations of brick layers tackle the world’s culture shift into entrepreneurship.

It is no surprise or shock at this point that the way we view business and entrepreneurship has changed. What used to be a very rigid definition and culture where only suits and briefcases earned the mega-­millions now includes young billionaires in their thirties who wear t-­shirts and jeans.

And as Wall Street is still the Mecca of corporate business, Sillicon Valley is its innovative Wild West, while the internet is its unrestricted new frontier. At this very moment, anyone-­regardless of race, creed, orientation, and gender-­ can be heard and start a creative revolution. And when it comes to being at the forefront of spotlighting the emerging leaders and ideas that are sparking it, Au’loni Magazine is taking charge. We are one of the first and proud online publications to focus primarily on new companies and their unique game changing services and inventions. Our all-­digital publication is in a realm where the trends of today are too late for our invested outlook on tomorrow.