shante_headerAn ambitious entrepreneur, Shant’e Williams founded a business with a cause:

Beaut’e Within is aimed at motivating young girls to aspire to great things and to

raise their self-esteem. Williams founded this mentoring program after working for

a Philly education district for 8 years as a substitute teacher. Ms. Williams also

volunteered at afterschool programs to obtain more experience in working with

children. These experiences made her find her true calling—to help young children

realize that the start to any successful life or career is having high self-esteem and

confidence in oneself. It is reasonable to understand why young girls have difficulty

building their self-esteem when we take into consideration the unique environment

of school. Nevertheless, Shant’e Williams believes in the ‘power’ of empowerment,

and has proven time and time again that making a difference in one’s community is

always an important factor of creating a business.

So what does Beaut’e Within consist of? Think of a perfect balance between charity

and business: For an hour a week, Ms. Williams mentors young girls on what beauty

is. Now, this great mentoring is taking place not only in several Philadelphia schools,

but also in camps located throughout the area as well. In order to start this project,

Ms. Williams admitted that it was a bit of a struggle at first because she had no

knowledge of business. This was not a deterring factor, however, and Ms. Williams

recognizes that it is important to always have someone helping out whenever she

does not know what to do, “but always keep doing your business yourself,” Ms.

Williams added, “have someone there, but make sure you are the one handling your

business.” Seeking consulting help is important in getting a business started, but

from there on it really becomes the job of the entrepreneur to have tunnel vision

and execute his/her goal.

Since Beaut’e Within launched, Ms. Williams has been busy impacting her

community and changing the lives of many young girls in the Philadelphia

community. Yes, we’ll admit it: self-esteem building programs are nothing new…but

who says that we don’t need more selfless people willing to make a difference in the

world? The idea behind Beaut’e Within is one that every city and every community

needs! By being an entrepreneur in self-esteem building, Ms. Williams herself is

preparing and creating a future generation of confident entrepreneurs. As a matter

of fact, an important aspect of Shant’e Williams’ business is the fact that it is not

original, but that this does not mean that she doesn’t appropriate her business and

is driven to take it to its full potential: “even if the mission might not be original, that

doesn’t mean you can’t, or that you shouldn’t do it—you have to stay focused and

keep your goal set.”

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