Behind the Scenes of The Runway

By Chanette Sparks


More than just a small town country girl, La’Meshia Le’ Whittington is taking on the modeling industry by storm!

Strutting down the runway with fierceness, the rising inspiration confidently possesses pride, passion, and elegance during each and every one of her showcases.

When our staff caught up with La’Meshia, we were pumped!

La’Meshia began her profession at a very young age. Although she rips the runway for all styles of events and showcases, she’s on a deeper mission…with a unique twist. “I enjoy modeling, I have a passion and love for it. However it does not define who I am. I see my modeling as an investment in my nonprofit pursuits and future endeavors; when I speak to youth and work directly in community centers my modeling experiences give me an edge. My students believe and then come to know that they too can work on movie sets, or they too can model, or act, or perform instruments, or be in politics or whatever they decide to pursue. These youth realize that dreams and prayers are possible and they are real. I believe my work is unique because I don’t just model for myself, I model for the youth I work for every day.”-La’Meshia Le’Whittington

Also involved in many charitable causes, La’Meshia is the Co-Founder alongside her brother, Robert, and Executive Director of 501©3 non-profit:”TW2 Inc.”, which houses ‘The Scale Academy of Performing Arts”. They provide musical education and therapeutic services for at-risk, impoverished and special needs youth. Currently serving the state of North Carolina, the organization has a future vision to expand nationally and globally.

On and off stage, La’Meshia is dynamic and she is definitely “The Next Big Thing!”

She has experienced rejection in the past, however, she accredits her accomplished success to God, family, friends and fans.

Check out her interview below! 


Tell us how you began modeling.

I recall being at my hometown public library at the age of 11 years old, reading a Seventeen magazine and seeing a Barbizon Modeling School ad. I remember looking over at my mom and brother saying I want to go to modeling school. My grandmother funded my ambition and that fall I started lessons at Barbizon and graduated at the age of 12 years old the following year. I was trained in the art of runway, commercial print, mannequin modeling and a few acting and improv classes.

By age 14 years old, I had signed with ICE Agency and again with Avanti Management.



So you’re not just a model, we hear you also sing and act?

Yes! I formerly was an Alto for the NC State University Performance Choir. In addition to singing, I am a classically trained violinist, having studied for 18 years, I also play piano, guitar, cello and harp. I, perform alongside with my brother in a band known as Whitt-Ness. We toured last year, playing twice at the Historic Lincoln Theatre and Tremont Music Hall. We’re currently signed with BMI and currently on iTunes and Spotify.

I recently tried my hand in acting and extra work, I most definitely enjoy it! In the past year, I have been involved with filming for Tyler Perry “The Haves and Have Not’s”, “The Game”, Dwayne Johnson’s HBO “Ballers”, Robert Redford’s “A Walk in the Woods”, USA Network,  I recorded a piano song for the Flu PSA commercial spot for ABC Television Network, it aired last year. My first and favorite set was the newest Fast & Furious 7 or “Furious 7” movie. I was blessed to film a scene with T-Pain, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Tyrese, Michelle Rodriguez, Ronda Rousey, Jason Statham, the amazing Director James Wan and countless other amazing people and crew.

What can we expect next from you, any announcements, event, or upcoming tours?

The release of the new Furious 7 movie comes out in April, look for my scene alongside T-Pain. Look for me in the upcoming Art2Wear Magazine, as well as walking the catwalk for Art2Wear in Raleigh, NC directed by Project Runway’s Justin Leblanc. I have several other appearances and show dates posted on my fan page, so please visit. There will also be new tour dates for Whitt-Ness being released next month, so stay tuned!



**Do you have a website/social media networks that people can contact with you?

Yes, please visit my fan page and my music site: