Philadelphia, PA – Brianna Stevenson, otherwise known as “Bri Steves”, is a vocalist/

recording artist that has made a big name for herself in the Philadelphia area.  Bri

Steves is the definition of “Self Made” and is most certainly “The Next Big Thing” in the

plethora of trendsetting faces in what she calls the “black renaissance youth” in


Bri Steves, who is primarily known as a rapper and songwriter, does not limit her talents

to just this. She also is active in modeling, fashion blogging, styling and spoken word.

Her talents and unique 90’s throwback style have taken her to working with other artist

and photographers in the PA, NYC, MD, NJ and D.C areas!

As a full time student studying public relations at Temple University, she balances her

schoolwork while also managing her own music career.  At school she is a member for

the National Council for Negro Women as well as the co founder of Black Diamonds

Union, an organization that focuses on empowering the youth. When she isn’t studying,

good luck finding her because she is probably somewhere preforming, writing or even


Keep up with Bri Steves on her website where she features her new

music including her hit song How About Now the remix, as well as travels, experiences

and current fashion trends.

Au’loni Magazine had the opportunity to interview Bri Steves about her career and other


Who is Bri Steves?

Bri Steves is my stage name, nickname and the embodiment of my persona overall.

How did Bri Steves come about? Where did it all begin?

Bri Steves (the nickname) started back in high school, where there were too many

“Brianna’s” that it became a necessity to give everyone a nickname to differentiate

between us all. My full name being Brianna Stevenson just gave way for kids to shorten

it to B. Stevenson, then shortly that became B. Stevens, and ultimately B. Steves. I

finally decided (after looking at K. Dot revert back to Kendrick Lamar) that originality was

best. So I took the J.Lo route and just stuck with the nickname, changing it slightly to “Bri


As far as music, it all started as a joke. I was in the studio with some of my male friends

who were known for rapping and I was encouraged to try singing on a track. I not only

sang on a track but later started writing and recording after I made my first track “Twinz”

(Deep Cover, Big Pun), which was supposed to just be a fun experiment. But the shock

factor was there for my friends back home, like “yo shawty got rhymes.” Now, I’ve been

writing for years but I never had the courage or even imagined me seriously doing music

a possibility until that point.

Everything else just began with me writing poetry at a young age and from spending all

of my time in the Art room at the Boys and Girls club as a young kid. But everything for

me as an artistic individual that pursues the arts seriously, career wise, didn’t begin until

I walked into the studio and recorded my first song. That was the true beginning.

Do you consider yourself an artist? If so, what does being an artist mean to you?

I do consider myself an artist. I think people associate being an “artist” with just music. I

consider myself an “artist” as in a person who creates on several mediums. Being an

artist to me means being creative, and creating something. So for me, I’m an artist that

wears several hats, but all of them to me is just one outlet of expression of myself as an


How do you express yourself and your style through your music?

I express myself in my music by putting my stories into them. I’m honest with my lyrics,

and my style. I talk about topics that define me at my stage in life along with other girls

my age.

Anyone who knows me knows that I always look like I’m just coming from a TLC video.

I’m throwback, and I love the style of baggy clothes. Like with my music, I’m also honest

with my clothes: that I want to be comfortable and look sexy at the same time. I’m

forward with women showing skin without having to face backlash from society that

encourages women to cover up. You could say I’m a feminist. It comes out in my explicit

lyrics and it definitely shows with my unapologetic style of dress.

Where can we expect to see Bri Steves in the future?

You can expect to see a lot of movement from me music wise in the future. Music is my

primary focus out of all of my artistic forms. I’ve recently become a new member of hip-

hop/r&b group “Tomboy” and we’re opening up at World Cafe Live on August 1st. As far

as myself as an individual artist, I’ll be releasing some new music pretty soon. You can

expect to just see me growing and expanding as an artist all around. I’m in love with my

process and even more in love with seeing where it takes me.

Don’t forget to visit her website to see where she’s going next!