Glamsquad: Bringing Beauty to Your Desktop

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(New York) In today’s world we can order almost anything with the tap of a button. With smartphones and apps we have access to a wide range of services. While multiple apps provide similar services, Glamsquad is the only one of its kind. “Glamsquad is an app where clients can book beauty services to come to their home, their office, their hotel, or any location really in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami to have hair services, like blowouts or up-do’s, and make-up services.”

Au’loni had the chance to speak with the CEO of Glamsquad, Alexandra Wilson. Ms. Wilson explained the story behind Glamsquad and how the idea came to a co-founder, Victoria Eisner, when she thought “Why is it that I can order just about anything through my phone such as, clothes, food, car service and all other kinds of things but I can’t order beauty services to  my front door?” After that Victoria paired with co-founder, Jason Perri, to create a business plan, build a team and begin to turn the idea into a reality.

Though the idea came about rather easily, the team still faced a number of hardships when developing the company. Ms. Wilson described one of the challenges from the company’s early stages as figuring out supply and demand. “We had to get our hair stylists, and later make-up artists, on-boarded, vetted, trained, and ready to go to represent our brand. Then once we had them ready we had to find our clients.” Having the supply without the demand raised another challenge for the company. “In the initial days before we had clients aware of what we offered, we had the stylists. So we had to keep them engaged and active and busy because they needed to make money.”

When asked how they overcame these challenges, Ms. Wilson stated, “I think it is just being really close to the details and figuring out ways to keep the clients busy, engaged and helping us to spread the word of the company.” Events have also proved to be very beneficial to the company, being a good use of time and resources. When Glamsquad was just getting started they used events to make the best of any downtime. “We could send our team to interesting companies, offices, photo-shoots, or events that have already been planned and they could get the word out that way by actually doing hair and make-up as part of an event.”

Ms. Wilson is also a co-founder of Gilt and, being no stranger to start-ups, she had some advice for other entrepreneurs. She described entrepreneurship as “a rollercoaster of some of the highest highs and the lowest lows that you can imagine. It’s intense, it is unpredictable, it is addictive for many people and it’s very hard to predict what is going to work well and what is not going to work well.” Ms. Wilson also went on to say that experience helps but you also have to be nimble and able to adjust to different kinds of tests when trying something new. She also wrote a book on entrepreneurship with her Gilt co-founder called “By Invitation Only: How We Built Gilt and Changed the Way Millions Shop”.

Glamsquad is really focused on building a powerful brand today. They are growing the team and expanding into other markets and verticals such as nails, which are coming soon. Today they have over 200 stylists with loyal clients who really love their services. Hair services start at $50 and make-up starts at $75. You can book up to two hours in advance on the app or up to 28 days into the future. “As we expand and grow, we want to scale this business. We want this to be a company that stands the test of time and resonates with women, and maybe ultimately men in the future, in the urban markets of this country and perhaps other countries as well.”