Philadelphia, PA- One of the many beauties of life is that inspiration is all around us.  This month, we got our inspiration from Elisa Wiah, founder and CEO of Girls Like Me Inc.

What started in 2007 as an online magazine to provoke positive thinking in young women soon turned into a blog, mentoring program and movement that encourages girls ages 11 to 18 to “Go & Dream”.

Through programs such as blogging, community service, forums and enrichment courses, Girls Like Me Inc. strives to motivate girls and guide them in the direction of their professional and personal goals and dreams. These programs will help them to one day live the fulfilled lives that they have imagined.

“The mentoring program gives girls the skills and the community support. The blog enhances the girls’ knowledge and provides a platform that caters to their interests. The movement encourages girls to keep moving forward with their dreams through daily positive reminders. Everything works together for the greatness of the girls,” Elisa said.

Since starting Girls Like Me Inc. at the young age of 17, Elisa has launched the program a few times, each time with different initiatives, yet with the same goal in mind: to encourage girls to go out and make their dreams a reality.

“When I relaunched this year, I just wanted this time to be different. I wasn’t in high school, I wasn’t in college, and I had new life experiences. I began to pour my all into Girls Like Me and it just began to flourish,” Elisa said.

Elisa hopes that her inspiring company eventually reaches one million girls.  She realizes that you always have to open to innovation and change in order to succeed.

In the beginning of her journey with Girls Like Me Inc., Elisa felt as though it was difficult to get people to realize that her passions could turn into something remarkable.

“Early on, a major hardship was trying to get people to believe in the vision, a vision that I saw clearly in my mind but hadn’t produced anything yet. Having a passion for something but no fruit to show from it can be discouraging at times.”

Elisa is proof that although the road may not always be easy, a change of perspective can positively change your path.

As for the advice that she is willing to give to people who are looking to start their own businesses: “If you think about it too long, you will find every reason not to start or not to make that pivotal yet high-risk business decision. Sometimes you just have to start by stepping out on faith. You don’t have to know everything but you have to be passionate. Don’t quit and don’t be afraid of failing. Many ‘failures’ have molded Girls Like Me, Inc. into the program it is today.”