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Simple Steps to Starting a Small Business

There are several stages to growing your business (organization) into a thriving company all within one year.  If you follow these simple steps, you will look back in awe one year from now. PLANNING STAGE: Prior to growing your business (organization), you must ensure several stages are in place.  The most important is funding.  There are several ways to go about funding.  One is a loan, although not recommend as you should avoid as much…

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Remaining Positive Through Everyday Obstacles

Life can be amazing even when it seems at times to be spinning out of control. There is negativity all around us, and if we are not careful we can sink into the chaos and confusion of this world. For most of us, finally when we think things are looking up, something bad happens. When does it stop? How can this be? Why Me? Will it ever get any better? These are the questions that…

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Activities Guaranteed to Make your Business Down Time Successful

Is it possible to turn dull or slow times of business into flowing times that are just as productive as high times?  In business as in life there are highs and lows.  Lessons can be learned from both and the contrast is necessary to aid in the realistic assessment of your business.  In times of low sales or income producing activities you may be tempted to do nothing or to take a break.  If times…

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Networking Made Easy ­- 6 Networking Tips for an Entrepreneur

Networking is one of the top priorities to have in order to run a successful business. However, many of us don’t look forward to walking into a huge room and introducing yourself to a bunch of strangers. To help ease the anxiety here are a couple of tips to utilize while building relationships: 1. Resist the urge to arrive late. Showing up early to a networking event is the best thing you can do.…

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If You Can Imagine It, You Can Achieve It

My high school English teacher stood at the front of the room one Monday morning and said something that I will truly never forget. “With no imagination comes no success.” I think that this statement can be applicable to many situations, and can be of inspiration to those brave souls who are venturing out and trying to start their own businesses. A common theme while conducting interviews with entrepreneurs from all over the world…

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Get Out, And Let The World Know You

(Philadelphia PA) – We all know that networking a big key to the land of success, however, sometimes it can be really hard for one to take these first steps to marketing themselves or their business. As we know, Philadelphia was recently rated one of the most innovative cities in the country. This city crawls with innovative thinkers just itching to get out into the competitive business world. In order to grow these small businesses,…

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Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you feeling inspired by all of the businesses growing around you but you don’t know where to start? Au’loni Magazine has compiled a list of the top tips to be a successful entrepreneur from conception to execution and beyond. Get your pens and notebooks ready because here it goes! 1. Think like an entrepreneur. You have to be motivated and stubborn. People will try to tell you that your idea won’t work and you…

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4 Ways to Get Your Organization Socially Ready for Summer

The weather is finally starting to warm up and with this, most people find they are inspired to focus on ‘clean up’ efforts for their business. Here are 4 ways you can prepare your business’s social media presence for summer: Check on the Small Details Over the busy fall and winter seasons, there may be several things that have evolved in your organization. Check the “About” section of your website and all social media pages…

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Social Media Photos: How Important Are They?

These days, when someone is searching for information about a company or organization, they go straight to their laptops or tablets and google that company name.  If they already have their Facebook or LinkedIn tab open, there’s a high chance they’ll search for that business there too.  Either way, these potential customers are making a decision about whether to continue their research into your business by the information, the photos, video and content they find…

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Is your business on the right social network?

Is your business on the right social network? by Leila Ansart, Social Media Consultant, Intuitive Marketing Group We’ve all heard the expression “a jack of all trades, but master of none”.  When it comes to social media, and your business, you want to avoid being lumped into this description. Many companies get themselves set up on Facebook, and add Twitter, or Pinterest, or Instagram, without really taking the time to think through their reasons…