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#1 Business Resolution

As a busy Washington, DC professional and business owner, new beginnings in 2015 may mean stopping, changing, or improving something you have already been doing. I found over 36 hot (and useful) business resolutions by business owners and professionals and they all equaled down to Value! Everything led to providing more value. From saying no to focusing on empathy and customer service, people just like you are looking not just at business resolutions but personal…

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4 Tips for Smart Business Social Media Use

When managing a fledgling business or an emerging non-profit, social media can sometimes seem like one of many balls you are juggling. Wondering if you are getting it right?  Here are a handful of smart tips for businesses just like yours. In order to know if your social media efforts are successful, a business or non-profit should first define their marketing goals and their target audience. These two factors help you to shape your social…

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SO WHAT! You Started a Non-Profit!

Having been a non-profit executive for over 15 years, I am always encouraged and amazed at the number of people who tell me they have, or want to start a non-profit organization. With enthusiasm they excitedly tell me their dreams of helping others and making a difference in society. They go on to regale me with stories of the people they’ve helped, or dream of helping and the important work their non-profit will do in…