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Barclays Bank Opens Startup Hub in London

(London, England) Barclays Bank has opened a workspace in London where financial technology (fintech) startups can turn their ideas into software to solve real business challenges. Rise London in Shoreditch is the latest in the bank’s Rise network, which has sites in six other cities across the world, including Mumbai, New York and Cape Town. By working closely with Barclays’ banking experts as well as the bank’s customers, startups can fill gaps in their knowledge…

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Europe’s Tech Hub Vs. Silicon Valley

The World Economic Forum just published a fascinating article charting the growth of the European startup scene, contrasting it to the larger tech ecosystems of Silicon Valley and Asia. If you’re a European founder, you’ve got cause to be optimistic — funding is easier to get, there’s so much innovation happening here, and tech talent is everywhere. I’m not going to regurgitate the piece, but here are the key-points. People have more appetite for risk,…

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The Best City in France for American Entrepreneurs

(Lyon, France) France is the world’s sixth largest economy and the most popular tourist destination in the world. The country is astonishingly beautiful and has a rich cultural history that continues to attract visitors from all over the world. But what does the country have to offer for ambitious American entrepreneurs eager to expand into the heart of the European economy? While most have understandably heard of Paris, each city has its own unique appeal,…

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The Rise of “Deep-Tech” is boosting Paris’s startup scene

(Paris, France) EUROPE will never create a hub of tech firms and investors to rival Silicon Valley, many experts on entrepreneurship concur. Its markets are still fragmented along national lines, flows of capital into the region are limited and because of lingering, conservative attitudes to risk, few startups grow to rival American champions. “Europe is toxic”, argues Oussama Ammar, an outspoken founder of an incubator in Paris. “Life that should happen, does not happen”, he…

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Philadelphia Assembled’s Collaborative Instruction

(Philadelphia, PA) Philadelphia Assembled hosted a teach-in led by Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA) Executive Director Jamila Medley on cooperatives and their role in developing economic sovereignty. The goal of the meeting was to inform the Philadelphia community about what, exactly, cooperatives are and the way their democratic process business model is changing the way companies do business. Philadelphia Assembled describes itself as an “expansive project that tells a story of radical community building and…

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Spain Eases Path for Expat Entrepreneurs

A growing number of expat entrepreneurs are making the most of new Spanish laws designed to breathe life into small businesses and promote foreign investment. Here, Andrea Maltman speaks to Spain’s new crop of expat self-starters. Spain hasn’t always been famous for its entrepreneurial spirit. In the 30-plus years since the country took brave strides from dictatorship to democracy, work was often viewed as something to be done, not enjoyed, and a common ambition was…

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Is Spain a good place for foreign entrepreneurs to launch start-ups?

It’s often been a dream for people from cooler, northern countries, to move to Spain and work and live under the sun, and enjoy a different lifestyle. After doing your day’s work you can relax on the beach, visit the Prado museum or stroll down the Ramblas (depending on location). To be followed by some tasty tapas and cool drinks in a local bar. That’s the dream, and the growing influence of the internet, now…

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Black Female Entrepreneurs Score BIG on Shark Tank!

Angels and Tomboys Last year, Memphis-based Angels and Tomboys® secured a deal with Sharks, Daymond Johnand Mark Cuban. A few weeks later, Philadelphia-based LuLu Bang will pitch their business to the Sharks.  Co-founded by two kid-entrepreneur sisters, nine-year-old Mallory (the tomboy) and 11-year-old Madison (the angel), Angels and Tomboys® is a beauty and body care company for “tween and teen girls.” The current line employs a paraben free, patent pending, and vegan friendly formula. Scents include Candy Star Glam™, Frozen Hot Chocolate™,…

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Small And Minority-Owned Businesses: Seven Tips To Rebound And Rebuild After Unrest

It is no secret, small businesses play a vital role in the United States by generating approximately 66% of new jobs and contributing hundreds of millions of dollars into our nation’s economy. Black-owned businesses in particular, such as those in Ferguson, Missouri, where a Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown has led to rioting and looting, are critical to building prosperity in their communities. To encourage and…

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A Positive Brand Identity Turns Consumers Into ‘Frands’

Franding is a new and exciting concept, and it will help you develop your brand into a consumer loyalty magnet. Simply defined, a frand is a loyal fan of your brand. While the definition is elementary, the results can be dramatic. Everyone has read stories where consumers line up for hours, even overnight, to purchase a sale-priced popular brand item. Because of the product’s brand, a loyal following of “frands” appear whenever there are new…