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Holiday Marketing 2016: 4 Trends That Will Drive Sales

If you haven’t already started prepping your business for the holidays, now is the time to start. Black Friday is less than a few weeks away, but many consumers start their shopping well before that — waiting too long means missing out on valuable sales opportunities. “Holiday shopping seems to be starting earlier and earlier every year,” said Lisa Graves, senior email marketing strategist at DEG, a full-service digital marketing agency. “Nov. 1 is when…

CommonEnd-of-YearBusinessMistakesYouDontWanttoMake Business

Common End-of-Year Business Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

If you find yourself crunched for time in December, you may waste opportunities that can strengthen your business in the new year. Instead, start the year fresh with these suggestions. In the rush of chaos that marks the end-of-year holidays, it’s easy to let things slide in your business. Folks often take at least a few days off to spend time with family and friends, and vow to clean up the mess in the new…

Avoidthese6SmallBusinessHolidayFails Business

Avoid These 6 Small Business Holiday Fails

by Linda Morris Gupton, Staples Contributing Writer The frantic pace and stress are an inevitable part of the holiday rush that often leaves small business owners in a frenzy. How can you make sure you’re not overlooking important items that could make this time of year less of a hassle? “The worst thing you can do is fail to have a plan,” says Jay Clark, co-founder of SilverGrass Marketing in Chicago. At the very…

33CreativeIdeasforSmallBusinessHolidayMarketing Business

33 Creative Ideas for Small Business Holiday Marketing

By Rieva Lesonsky, Guest Writer The holidays are coming, and we all know what that means for retailers. But retailers aren’t the only ones who can get in on the holiday shopping game. Whether you own a store, restaurant, service provider or even a B2B company, smart marketing can boost your holiday sales, too. Here are 33 marketing ideas to get your holiday sales sizzling. Invite B2B customers to a thank-you dinner or other special…

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3 Ways Humor Helps Your Business

3 Ways Humor Helps Your Business and Social Media Popularity Social media platforms have created an inextricably intertwined community of businesses, pages, profiles, and people who all want to engage, communicate, and gain something. In order for your business to thrive in such a community you need to excel, not only by your image and reputation, but by your spirit. What separates brands who have succeeded from those who are still lingering in midair, is…

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Why Business Leaders Need to ‘Tune in’ to Their People

Companies that want to boost profits should try a little empathy, especially now that millennials are beginning to dominate the work place. Related: A Little Empathy Makes Good Leaders Great A message we hear from many of our executive search-firm clients is that they are being called on to focus more than ever before on the empathy and emotional intelligence of candidates. The stakes are huge: A top executive lacking empathy could derail negotiations over a merger,…

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Will the 2016 Election Results Stop Small Business Abuse?

by L. Denise Jackson Small business abuse is common.  More common than many know or than many want to believe.  They are the backbone of the economy.  That is what everyone says.  You hear it all the time right? Large corporations do not own every food truck, yoga studio, coaching practice, bookkeeping practice, basket business, event planner, automotive services, hair services, retail stores, transportation company, home health service, cleaning service, laundry and dry cleaner, detail…

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Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle: Tips for a Successful Life

Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle: Tips for a Successful Life with Brian A.M. Williams of Purchase Black LLC. Merriam-webster.com defines “entrepreneurship” as follows: one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise But how does this definition set “entrepreneurship” apart from other careers in business? Doesn’t a business manager also manage businesses? Don’t managers evaluate the viability of different businesses and strategies with the aim to create or increase wealth—just like an…

500 Startups Business

500 Startups: Stand OUT as an Entrepreneur

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhCPB8K9YG0 Ramon Ray, Hustle Magazine Since July of 2010, 500 Startups have invested in over 900 startups to help accelerate and grow their businesses from the early stages. As one of the partners of 500 Startups, Edith Yeung has worked with so many different entrepreneurs and startup businesses and was able to share with me some of the common challenges she sees entrepreneurs face and tips on what it takes to survive. For most people,…

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Take Your Piece of Government (Grants)

By Louise Lee Grants aren’t for only nonprofits. Small businesses can sometimes get their hands on that money too—and get a big boost in the process. Take Wombat Security Technologies Inc. When it was spun off from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008, the software start-up had seed money from the school but needed more to develop new antiphishing products. So, the Pittsburgh firm turned to the federal Small Business Innovation Research program. …