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Tressenoire Business

Tressenoire Tackles Bad Hair Days

Ladies your days of walking the streets looking a hot mess are over. With TresseNoire a great hairstyle is only a few clicks away and the best part is the hair dressers travel to you. The idea came from Regina Gwynn and Octavia Pickett-Blakely who felt that TresseNoire was simply a necessity, especially for those ‘naturalistas’ in the professional world. Before TresseNoire Gwynn worked as a marketing executive for women’s apparel. Octavia still works as…

HAVJIER1 Business

Clothes for Charity’s Humble Past

Pheonix, Arizona – Many little boys choose to spend their allowance on games and snacks, but 10-year-old Xavier Elliot decided to use his allowance of $10 a week for a greater cause. After a talk with his mom, Xavier said he wanted to start a new project, and this is when Clothes for Charity was created. Clothes for Charity donates handmade clothes, designed by the Elliot family, to homeless kids in Arizona. Xavier chose to…

snap-web Business

Camilla Limón: Not A Name Brand But A Handmade Brand

Camilla Barcan, CEO and founder of Camilla Limón, a handcrafted custom jewelry business, is an inspiration to aspiring young business owners.  At the young age of eight, Camilla started thinking about starting her own business.  Soon after, she began making jewelry for her school friends.  Having grown up in a household with a mother that encouraged creativity, Camilla found inspiration all around her. “My mom always wanted me to have fun making art so she…

origami Business

The Kid-to-Parent Business

Chandler, AZ – In the world of business or entrepreneurship, we often think of adults being the enforcers behind the wheel of a company’s management team- but at Origami Owl, it’s a little different. When Isabella “Bella” Weems was just a pre-teen, she had an idea that would soon expand to become one of the fastest growing “Kid-to-Parent” enterprises around. Since its launch, Origami Owl has been named a leading custom jewelry company, also known…

PamperMeSexyMagazine Business

Women Supporting Women

Raleigh, NC – From women all over the world applying make-up, to hair extensions, to the finest apparel; there are various techniques that are often used for women to indulge in when they are seeking to amplify their beauty beyond the outer symmetries of their appearances. But seriously, how often do we really stop and look within ourselves at the inner components? Tameka Lynn is helping women do just that! Lynn began her quest for…

Sneaker Head Business

A New Sneaker Dynasty

New York, NY – A Sneakerhead: the collective term used for someone who collects, trades or admires sneakers as their hobby. Within the world of collectible sneakers, there is a rare element that makes them so appealing to so many. Sneakers such as Air Jordans, Air Force Ones, Nike Foamposites, Nike Air Max, or the new Nike Air Yeezy garner international attention.  Any sneaker fanatic understands the struggle with waking up before the crack of…

IBJ Business

You Run The Show- We Just Write It!

IBJ: “You Run The Show- We Just Write It!” With the great number of public relations and marketing services that are around, it seems harder and harder to find one that truly suits your business’ needs. IBJ PR & Marketing aims to provide their clients with an approach that is tailored to them. “We offer an innovative approach to developing the small business presence by building a strong foundation in their strategic planning and business…

lisamontalva_header_1024x476 Business

Redefining “Women In Business” for 18 Cents A Day

CEO of Women Owned Business Club  uses social and web networking to inspire women into business. (New York, NY) Lisa Montalva will enhance any emerging businesswoman’s career for only 18 cents a day (annual membership fee is $69), and she feels fortunate in doing so. Montalva’s co-founding venture is the Women Owned Business Club (WOBC), an organization that is committed to supporting women around the globe to build a network and audience about their business…

aris_header_1024x476 Business

In Between…A Personal Narrative Captured on Film

(New York, NY) Arisleyda (Aris) Dilone is an up and coming artistic entrepreneur with a passion for sharing stories.  She left her work as a community organizer in New York to pursue her interests in writing and storytelling.  Aris is currently working on her first feature length documentary entitled, In Between, about her experience as an intersex Dominican American woman.  Her drive and determination are evident through her tireless commitment to her art, and Au’loni…

An Entrepreneur Helping Young Girls Find Their “Beaut’e Within”

An ambitious entrepreneur, Shant’e Williams founded a business with a cause: Beaut’e Within is aimed at motivating young girls to aspire to great things and to raise their self-esteem. Williams founded this mentoring program after working for a Philly education district for 8 years as a substitute teacher. Ms. Williams also volunteered at afterschool programs to obtain more experience in working with children. These experiences made her find her true calling—to help young children realize…