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Sweet & Savory Crepes pic.2jpg Culture

Sweet & Savory: Coffee & Crepes

(Cary, NC) Whether you are looking for a dessert that is simply sweet or an entree that is simply savory ­ this cozy and relaxing little café has you covered! Coffee and Crepes is located in the heart of the beautiful Cary, North Carolina; where the community is diverse and continuously growing. If you’re ever in the Crossroads Shopping Center plaza, you may want to stop by this dining establishment­you’ll be in for…

JOLO winery and vineyard picture Culture

JOLO-Winery and Vineyard

There is no doubt that most people find wine to be an intimately relaxing and enjoyable experience. Just the thought of a soft glass of quality wine usually makes many of us feel warm and snuggly inside. From learning about winemaking, enjoying a lavishing meal, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in an exquisite glass or bottle of hand-crafted wine, a North Carolinian vineyard has all of the variety you need. Inspired by the…

IMG_1946-1 Culture


Au’loni Magazine has the great pleasure of working out of the Quorum, one of Philadelphia’s most innovative collaborative workspaces. The Quorum is a space where there are more whiteboards than walls; where a multitude of start up companies come to work, meet, share, and learn. Here we have a great opportunity to rub elbows with entrepreneurs and startup companies from every type of industry. While working, we noticed that no matter how early we…

Little Babies_-106 Culture

We All Scream for Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Philadelphia, PA- Ice cream is a delicious frozen treat that has been creating lasting memories for years. It is simply one of those desserts that, when consumed, brings you right back to your childhood. Little Baby’s Ice Cream has brought that concept to a whole other level by creating a whimsical space where people of all ages can go to enjoy unique homemade flavors such as cucumber dill, rose pistachio, Thai iced tea and many,…

YazApparel-3 Culture

Say ‘Yaaaas’ to Yaz Apparel’s Unique Brand

An online clothing store, Yaz Apparel gives an item of clothes to the homeless for every item bought. It was created by Josh Yazdian, a sophomore from Indiana University. What made you start Yaz Apparel? The reason why we started Yaz Apparel was to make clothing for unique individuals and it was another way for me to incorporate my artistic abilities in another way. You say, “Street clothing is a unique style and…

wuju1 Culture

Where’s The WUJU?

Philadelphia, PA- There are various things on this planet that are considered necessities by most people’s standards including food, water, and clothes. I’m going to go ahead and add hot sauce to that list, because who doesn’t love some delectable hot sauce smeared on pretty much any meal? Lawrence Wu, creator and CEO of WUJU hot sauce set out to change the face and integrity of hot sauce by creating a recipe that perfectly…

snatched Culture

Snatched Boutique

(Philadelphia- PA) Ever going on a night out with the girls and you stress because you know you wont be able to find an outfit in your mess of a huge closet? Going to department stores can be so overwhelming, while at the same time high fashion designer stores are so expensive! Well, Snatched, a fashion and lifestyle mobile boutique, is taking fashion to the streets of Philadelphia! You no longer have to wait…

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Nyla Elise – The History of Style

The History of Style By Chanette Sparks Nyla Elise is one of those clothing brands that you just can’t help but love! Based in North Carolina, the grassroots clothing company is unique in so many ways and it provides an intense foundation of diversity, as well as creativity through its organic designs. With hand-made garments made for any and every one, it’s definitely a challenge to “not” find what you’re looking for.  AuLoni…

AP2G Culture

When In Doubt There’s ‘Always A Place To Go’

A Taste of Home New Rochelle, NY- Summertime is in full effect, and for some of us that doesn’t mean much when we continue to work our 9am – 5pm jobs, barely enjoying the sun on our skin or the sweet sand in our toes. But it’s a bittersweet feeling for those who wake up and know that their night will end in the taste of spicy Jerk Chicken with a fresh rum punch on…

WearWeWent Culture

Sisterhood of the Traveling Wardrobe

Traveling is a passion that is shared by many people throughout the world. It is often an invigorating experience that triggers an enamoring emotion, which often keeps you wanting to travel and explore even more. Mollie Snyder has been heavily influenced by her immense passion for traveling and has created Wear We Went, a unique business using photography and high fashion editorials to showcase hotels and travel destinations around the world. “Wear We Went has set…