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JOLO winery and vineyard picture Food

JOLO-Winery and Vineyard

There is no doubt that most people find wine to be an intimately relaxing and enjoyable experience. Just the thought of a soft glass of quality wine usually makes many of us feel warm and snuggly inside. From learning about winemaking, enjoying a lavishing meal, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in an exquisite glass or bottle of hand-crafted wine, a North Carolinian vineyard has all of the variety you need. Inspired by the…

Little Babies_-106 Food

We All Scream for Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Philadelphia, PA- Ice cream is a delicious frozen treat that has been creating lasting memories for years. It is simply one of those desserts that, when consumed, brings you right back to your childhood. Little Baby’s Ice Cream has brought that concept to a whole other level by creating a whimsical space where people of all ages can go to enjoy unique homemade flavors such as cucumber dill, rose pistachio, Thai iced tea and many,…

wuju1 Food

Where’s The WUJU?

Philadelphia, PA- There are various things on this planet that are considered necessities by most people’s standards including food, water, and clothes. I’m going to go ahead and add hot sauce to that list, because who doesn’t love some delectable hot sauce smeared on pretty much any meal? Lawrence Wu, creator and CEO of WUJU hot sauce set out to change the face and integrity of hot sauce by creating a recipe that perfectly…

image2 Food

A Silver Lining in Philadelphia Food Deserts

A Silver Lining in Philadelphia Food Deserts (Philadelphia, PA) – The United States Department of Agriculture reports that about 23.5 million Americans live in food deserts, including 6.5 million children. Food deserts develop due to the lack of affordable and nutritious food in these areas.  Among the ten major cities in the United States, Philadelphia stands alone at the top with the highest obesity rates and poorest population.  In an effort to support the…

Mason rosas fresh pizza Food

End Hunger, One Pizza Slice at a Time

(Philadelphia, PA) Walking through the streets of any city, one will witness first-hand the growing number of homeless and hungry people. They don’t ask for much, just any spare change you might have in order for them to save up for a meal. All too often people just walk by and ignore them, not realizing that the change they have in their pocket could be the deciding factor in whether that person will be able…

image00 (2) Food

A Full Course Plant Meal: HipCityVeg is Redefining How We Eat Vegan

(Philadelphia, PA) When one thinks of vegetarian or vegan food they usually think of just salads and vegetables. Ever imagined the possibility of combining this food with the everyday food we have come to know and love? HipCityVeg has turned this possibility into a reality. According to the website, the design is “fast-food inspired fresh vegan food: Burgers, Fries, Salads, Wraps, healthy drinks and desserts.” This is the place where you can indulge in some…

png;base64d9499fad4accd431 Food

Putting the Spice Back In Your Life!

(Raleigh, NC) When you think of a woman being a diva, you typically think of a prima donna or a drama queen; not a female chef or professional caterer. Founder and visionary of Divas In the Kitchen LLC, Shavannah Moore has her own personal beliefs of what it means to be a diva. Also known as DITK, the leading lady didn’t want to be known as anything other than a determined woman that could do…

schmearIT_header_1024x476 Food

Schmear It

(Philadelphia, PA) Ever tried a gluten free bagel “schmeared” with greek yogurt cream cheese, mixed with strawberries and bananas?  That’s just one of many diverse options at the new Philadelphia food truck, Schmear It! You can order signature bagels, or create your own, with seasonal ingredients ranging from wasabi to mango.  According to it’s website, Schmear It is “Philly’s first and only food truck serving bagels with your personalized, custom crafted schmears AND social good.”…


The Snapshotr Is Mixing Up How You Take A Shot

(Nationwide) Au’loni Magazine got a chance to catch up with the co-founder of the wildly successful drinking invention, The Snapshotr’s Andrew Levin. The start-up has gotten viral social media buzz exceeding hundreds of thousands of YouTube promo views, massive national press, and recently doubling their KickStarter campaign in less than a week.  AM: How did you come up with the idea for it? Andrew: We came up with the idea in college, where going to…