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sheena Culture

Hair. Health. And Style.

Raleigh, NC – Sheena Petty is more than just a hairstylist, she is also an influential figure in her community that seeks to make an impact. Since her childhood, she has been amongst many great stylists that she credits to inspiring her into becoming the successful woman and stylist that she is today. When Auloni’s team caught up with Petty, we were pretty excited to hear about her beauty salon, Hair…The Avenue. While many may…

EBO Beard Butter Products Culture

Young Entrepreneur Goes After Booming Male Grooming Market

Washington D.C. – Once considered by tastemakers as conflicting with society’s fashionable palate, beards and facial hair have reemerged as the de rigueur trend among hipsters and men in their 20s and 30s. The new must have accessory for men is to sport facial hair in the forms of beards, mustaches, and stubble. As seen as with hirsute celebrities like Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden, Hip-Hop artist Rick Ross, and Legendary Record Producer Rick…

Green City Culture

Green City

(Philadelphia, PA) —  More and more “green” alternatives for a variety of products are gaining immense popularity. At the same time, it seems to be a struggle to find more natural alternatives for different services. Green City, in Philadelphia, offers a solution to this problem through their natural services including signature sugaring hair removal and skin conditioning. They are currently the only salon in Philadelphia that offers sugaring as a more natural and gentle way…

Get Zoomed Culture

get ZOOMed – High Style with Minimum Effort

ZOOM talks: e-design from ZOOM interiors on Vimeo. (Nationwide – Philadelphia, PA) – Unrealistic:  A common term used to describe a complete interior design makeover at an affordable price. Yet, three George Washington University graduates are breaking the mold and creating a unique interior design opportunity for millennials. Classmates turned friends, ZOOM Interiors was formed. Lizzie, Beatrice, and Madeline: the three names behind ZOOM. As college students, they met in their first class within the…

im-still-standing Culture

Finding your V.O.I.C.E

Philadelphia, PA – The message is clear. “It’s not okay – and it has to stop” During the 57th annual Grammy Awards on February 8, 2015, through a recorded message, President Obama addressed the nation about the issue of violence against women. “It’s on us – all of us – to create a culture where violence isn’t tolerated, where survivors are supported, and where all our young people – men and women – can go…

image2 Culture

A Silver Lining in Philadelphia Food Deserts

A Silver Lining in Philadelphia Food Deserts (Philadelphia, PA) – The United States Department of Agriculture reports that about 23.5 million Americans live in food deserts, including 6.5 million children. Food deserts develop due to the lack of affordable and nutritious food in these areas.  Among the ten major cities in the United States, Philadelphia stands alone at the top with the highest obesity rates and poorest population.  In an effort to support the…

Planned Perfectly Style

Switching Up Skincare

Switching Up Skincare: Planned Perfectly Offers Products That Are 100% Natural One of our most precious possessions is our skin, which is why what we put on it matters. “Many consumers are frustrated with the choices that are available in commercial skincare products because they know that they are laden with chemicals and artificial ingredients”. Planned Perfectly, LLC addresses this issue head on.  “At Planned Perfectly, all of our products are made from 100% natural…


Bringing Beauty to Your Doorstep

Glamsquad: Bringing Beauty to Your Desktop (New York) In today’s world we can order almost anything with the tap of a button. With smartphones and apps we have access to a wide range of services. While multiple apps provide similar services, Glamsquad is the only one of its kind. “Glamsquad is an app where clients can book beauty services to come to their home, their office, their hotel,…

Mason rosas fresh pizza Food

End Hunger, One Pizza Slice at a Time

(Philadelphia, PA) Walking through the streets of any city, one will witness first-hand the growing number of homeless and hungry people. They don’t ask for much, just any spare change you might have in order for them to save up for a meal. All too often people just walk by and ignore them, not realizing that the change they have in their pocket could be the deciding factor in whether that person will be able…


Rediscovering Your Natural Side: Lily Beauty Supplies Turns a Movement Into a Business

(Orlando, FL) There are few people that have the motivation, patience, and work ethic that Amanda Harris possesses. The owner of Lily Beauty Supply, an online natural beauty store, understands the struggle of maintaining an extremely busy life. Amanda, the mother of two children is also a full-time student as well as a full-time employee. With a background in buying composite materials, supply chain management, and product sourcing, Amanda has the tools necessary for running a…