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Switching Up Skincare

Switching Up Skincare: Planned Perfectly Offers Products That Are 100% Natural One of our most precious possessions is our skin, which is why what we put on it matters. “Many consumers are frustrated with the choices that are available in commercial skincare products because they know that they are laden with chemicals and artificial ingredients”. Planned Perfectly, LLC addresses this issue head on.  “At Planned Perfectly, all of our products are made from 100% natural…


Bringing Beauty to Your Doorstep

Glamsquad: Bringing Beauty to Your Desktop (New York) In today’s world we can order almost anything with the tap of a button. With smartphones and apps we have access to a wide range of services. While multiple apps provide similar services, Glamsquad is the only one of its kind. “Glamsquad is an app where clients can book beauty services to come to their home, their office, their hotel,…


Rediscovering Your Natural Side: Lily Beauty Supplies Turns a Movement Into a Business

(Orlando, FL) There are few people that have the motivation, patience, and work ethic that Amanda Harris possesses. The owner of Lily Beauty Supply, an online natural beauty store, understands the struggle of maintaining an extremely busy life. Amanda, the mother of two children is also a full-time student as well as a full-time employee. With a background in buying composite materials, supply chain management, and product sourcing, Amanda has the tools necessary for running a…


The Business of Redefining “Nude”

The internet has been abuzz recently about an emerging brand called, Nubian Skin! This London based company seeks to challenge and redefine the notion of “nude” for women’s lingerie and hosiery, offering a high quality variety of options for women of color. The idea evolved out of the company founder’s personal need, and the fact that the majority of “nude” lingerie options are light beige, and only applied to nude, white skin tones. The brand…


It’s Time to Go UP a Size!

Navigating the Closets of Plus-Size Professional Women  (Washington, DC) The Curvy CEO website is very clear about it’s purpose from the moment you see the front page: The Life and Style guide for the Plus-Size Professional Woman. The vibrant site offers everything from advice about which stores best cater to plus sizes to Curvy CEO products and personal styling services.  It’s a true one-stop-shop, dedicated to serving an underserved community in the retail market. The Curvy…


Taking Careers by the Reigns with The Trendy Cowgirl

(Los Angeles, CA) When someone possesses the independent, entrepreneurial spirit, its impossible to suppress. This is especially true for Cindy Ince, an entrepreneur who has found a way to reconnect with her passion, despite having to give up her brick and mortar establishment due to health complications.  Cindy manages online direct sales through The Trendy Cowgirl, which is her domain in The Rustic Shop. Cindy started working in retail at the age of seventeen.…