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battleship1-2 Education

Teach Beside Me: Don’t Sink My Battleship!

(Pleasant Grove, Utah)  Karyn Tripp has made national headlines this year for her groundbreaking and innovative approach to teaching science through interactive game-playing.  Au’loni Magazine first took notice of Mrs. Tripp from her Huffington Post article about her new invention, a battleship game to teach kids about the periodic table. Who would have thought the periodic table and the game, battleship could even coexist? She came up with the idea through her son, because he…

Verbalize It Pic 2 Education

VerbalizeIt: Connecting The Human Language

If there were ever an app that has the potential of changing the world it’s VerbalizeIt. By having this convenient app, you will have over 500 live translators at your fingertips. Wharton Business School graduates, Ryan Frankel and Kunal Sarda, created the amazing app. Au’loni Magazine was able to chat with Frankel about his Frankel and Sarda both met in college and connected over similar experiences in which language barriers posed impediments to seamless communication…

Course Hero Volunteers 3 Education

The Real Hero, Course Hero

Redwood City, CA- Who would have thought that a leg injury could lead to an idea that would eventually help millions of students throughout the United States?  Andrew Grauer, Co-Founder and CEO of Course Hero, missed a few days of classes at Cornell University one semester because of a leg injury.  Because he did not know anyone in the classes that he had missed, it made it nearly impossible for him to find the notes…

Watson Institute - Rashaun Education

Watson Institute: The School of the Future

Philadelphia, PA – Rashaun Williams used to be just a case of the classic minority struggle. He was defined as a college drop-out from a family who were not so financially well off, but throughout the years he has redefined himself to be a neighborhood leader, and founder of multiple organizations including the new Watson Institute Philadelphia. The Watson Institute takes in scholars from the ages of 18-23 to train them in a variety of…

Nicetown CDC Education

Nicetown CDC

Philadelphia, PA — Our quality of life within the communities where we reside is of immense importance to us. Everybody dreams of a life in a perfect community yet, these communities are rare to come by. Nicetown CDC has a mission to dynamically improve the quality of life in Nicetown and surrounding communities, by establishing sustainable community economic development. “We fulfill our mission with a holistic and inclusive approach to goals and objectives that prioritize…

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Teaching Kids To Speak Up

(Washington, D.C.) When Au’Loni caught up with “Don’t Touch Me!” a campaign to raise the awareness of child molestation, we were in tears. Although no one enjoys the topic of child molestation, nor is it a household hot topic, it’s an on-going, worldwide problem and it needs to be addressed. No child should ever have to experience being touched inappropriately by an adult of any kind. Mishondy Wright-Brown, founder of the organization, knew that she…

EDUCATION Scholly Education

Each One, Teach One: How Scholly is Transforming College Affordability

(Philadelphia, PA) Have you ever experienced the stress that entails searching for scholarships? This process can be extremely exhausting and complicated. Students often find themselves looking for hours on end to find the scholarship suited to their specific needs. It is a struggle that students everywhere know all too well. Now there is finally an answer to all these issues and that answer is, Scholly. Scholly is a place where students in both high school…

Phfeast Header Image Education

Phfeast Your Eyes On This

Buy a Meal, feed a Community (Boston, MA) Philanthropy never tasted so good! An innovative start-up is changing the way people dine in the Boston area by encouraging humanitarian initiative from people who simply like to dine out every so often. This seemingly simple task that most of us consider a habit can feed people who might not have the means to dine at restaurants. The good-hearted idea was started by Dan Napierski, current CEO…

HomeworkBar_team_11242014 Education

No “Cover Charge” At The Homework Bar

Educating tomorrow’s leaders with unconventional methods of success (Philadelphia, PA) We can all agree that a solid education is important for success, but in the words of Ronit Tehrani, Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of So2Speak.Org and the Homework Bar and Lounge, “sometimes school doesn’t inspire kids”. For that very reason, Ronit is part of an educational entrepreneurial team with an exciting idea and mission!  Au’loni was able to speak with Ronit and Jonathan Krause…

shakti-warrior-1024x476 Education

Creating Heroes Before Bedtime

Teaching “Life Lessons” through Video Games and Interactive Play    (Washington, DC)  If you or someone you know has children in the greater Washington DC public school system, Los Angeles Unified SchoolDistrict, or Chicago Public Schools, you may be familiar with the SHAKTI Warriors Program. “SHAKTI Warriors are a new team of contemporary super heroes being introduced into the world. They are urban, hip and, most importantly, 100% committed to children’s well-being. They are here to…