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Sara Stoke pic-Auloni Magazine Entertainment

A Sneak Peek at Sara Stokes 

Recently, our team had the opportunity to catch up with the unstoppable Ms. Sara Stokes. We were thrilled to chat up with the beautiful and talented mother, recording artist, reality TV star and entrepreneur to find out what she’s been up to for more than a decade.  During our conversation, Sara discussed reclaiming her career, an update on motherhood, and also how she has evolved over the years. In 2002, Sara Stokes had her big…

Tangle Movement Arts 1 Entertainment

If You Can Move You Can Fly

Tangle Movement Arts is a Philadelphia based circus arts company with a contemporary twist, whose performances mix traditional circus like trapeze and acrobatics with dance, theater, and live music to tell a multi‐dimensional story. The company debuted their first performance at the Fringe Arts Festival in Philadelphia in 2011 and has performed there every year since. Au’loni Magazine got a chance to sit down with Tangle’s founder Lauren Smith, as she just finished the fifth…

Victor Jackson Entertainment

For Heaven’s Sake LetThereBeCulture!

A mixture of a passion for journalism and urban-art is what inspired Victor Jackson to start LetThereBeCulture. The non-profit making its debut this September plans on reshaping the mindset of Philadelphians and the rest of the nation on what it means to be a journalist as well as the importance of urban art and hip-hop heritage. Au’loni Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Victor to find out more about his adventure. Could you please…

Kweli TV Entertainment

Where Are They Now? DeShuna Spencer Introduces Kweli TV!

Deshuna Spencer was featured in our November 2014 issue. Then, KweliTV was a still a dream and Empower Magazine was the forefront, now KweliTV has been making its way onto Facebook newsfeeds and television screens. It is real and she is blowing up. We are proud of her success! Spencer sleeps, eats and breathes community service. When Au’loni Magazine asked her about how she felt about her success she said it’s really not about her,…

ben-01 Entertainment

Brotherly Lost

Sometimes pictures can tell stories better than words, especially those that have never been seen. Photographer and founder of Brotherly Lost, Ben Wong wanted to create a platform to showcase unique photographs of Philadelphia that no one has shot before.  He wanted to highlight the fact that although the famous landmarks of Philadelphia are breathtakingly beautiful, some of the most run-down, underestimated neighborhoods house the most picturesque sceneries. People usually associate images such as…

manu-hoff Entertainment

Mani Hoffman: Overnight Success after Years of Being a Celebrity.

View the video that went viral! (Del Ray, Florida) Mani Hoffman encompasses the “new” age of success and media attention. This Paris-born singer and song-writer has seen great oversees success that spans decades of great music, but his “second wind” arrived in 2014 as a result of one post on a social media site that has gained national recognition. Mani’s oversees success includes several platinum songs which includes the 2001 hit “Starlight” and his 2006…

Photo2 Entertainment

Following Your Voice and Vision

Following Your Voice and Vision by Ben Robinson III Sometimes in life you must be the change you wish to see in the world. Recent developments in the battle for gay rights have been groundbreaking, but it is still a topic that a lot of people tend to discuss very minimally, if at all. The media attempts to shed light with its depictions of gay characters on both reality…

rock on philly Entertainment

Rock On Philly

(Philadelphia, PA) For many, music listening is a comfort zone. However, for Jennifer Logue, music is a lifestyle and her burning inspiration for creating Rock On Philly.  Rock On Philly is a website dedicated to the Philadelphia music scene and gives its’ viewers an opportunity to explore Philadelphia’s music culture. Au’loni magazine was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Rock on Philly. AM:…

IanHolmesII-01_300dpi (1) Entertainment

Hitting all the Right Notes: Ian Holmes’ Path to Success in Musical Entrepreneurship

(Philadelphia, PA) Ian Holmes started learning piano at the age of two, and has never looked back. After training in classical music for ten years during his childhood, he began to sing professionally at age fifteen.  He knew to capitalize on his talents from an early age, thanks to the guidance of his musical family. You may recognize his name from the fourth season of American Idol. Throughout his childhood, he had many opportunities to…

kindOfAconcert_1024x476 Entertainment

It’s Kind of A Concert

Dedicated to Supporting Local Musicians by providing the platform to perform. (Philadelphia, PA) What do you get when you combine local Philadelphia coffee shops with local Philadelphia musicians? A Kind of a Concert! The young and lively entrepreneur Devon O’Connor created this unique start-up as a way to help aspiring musicians who are seeking more performance opportunities achieve their 15 minutes of fame while being in an intimate coffee house setting while simultaneously entertaining the…