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Letter from the Editor: AM Goes Global!

Au’loni Magazine never ceases to amaze me and I’m the Editor! From our diverse readership, supporting sponsors, and hard working interns and staff, we have truly enjoyed watching how our publication has grown. It has been our mission for the last two and a half years to bring our audience stories and advice on the revolution of “Business” in America. We tackle that mission by seeking out innovative entrepreneurs and business owners, career coaches,…

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Easy Ways to Expand Your Network This Year

Q: What is one simple thing I can do to expand my network this year? A: Schedule out your year. “Get your phone calendar out and open Google on your laptop. Start searching local community organizations and networking events, then block at least one networking event for you to attend each month for the year. If you put it in your calendar, you’re more likely to go to more networking events versus if you procrastinate…

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Here Are 4 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Have you ever gotten a tax refund or lump sum of money, and months later felt like you had nothing to show for it? If this has happened to you, it’s OK to make mistakes. However, it is not OK to repeat them. Let’s leave those old financial habits in the year 2016, and let’s prepare our minds and bank accounts for 2017. You are a wealth builder, and as a disciplined wealth builder, you…

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Black Female Entrepreneurs Score BIG on Shark Tank!

Angels and Tomboys Last year, Memphis-based Angels and Tomboys® secured a deal with Sharks, Daymond Johnand Mark Cuban. A few weeks later, Philadelphia-based LuLu Bang will pitch their business to the Sharks.  Co-founded by two kid-entrepreneur sisters, nine-year-old Mallory (the tomboy) and 11-year-old Madison (the angel), Angels and Tomboys® is a beauty and body care company for “tween and teen girls.” The current line employs a paraben free, patent pending, and vegan friendly formula. Scents include Candy Star Glam™, Frozen Hot Chocolate™,…

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Small And Minority-Owned Businesses: Seven Tips To Rebound And Rebuild After Unrest

It is no secret, small businesses play a vital role in the United States by generating approximately 66% of new jobs and contributing hundreds of millions of dollars into our nation’s economy. Black-owned businesses in particular, such as those in Ferguson, Missouri, where a Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown has led to rioting and looting, are critical to building prosperity in their communities. To encourage and…

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A Positive Brand Identity Turns Consumers Into ‘Frands’

Franding is a new and exciting concept, and it will help you develop your brand into a consumer loyalty magnet. Simply defined, a frand is a loyal fan of your brand. While the definition is elementary, the results can be dramatic. Everyone has read stories where consumers line up for hours, even overnight, to purchase a sale-priced popular brand item. Because of the product’s brand, a loyal following of “frands” appear whenever there are new…

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Why I Left a 6 Figure Job to Become an Entrepreneur

I did everything that they tell you to do. I had the degree, the condo, the six-figure salary, and the prestige of working at one of the world’s top consulting firms. I was also absolutely miserable. Sunday was always the worst day because Sunday meant that Monday was just around the corner. On Monday the countdown began – four days until Friday, three days, and so on. At the age of 27, being this unfulfilled…

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Philly Is Home to the First Black Woman-Owned Comic Book Store

I was on Facebook when I saw this link about this black woman in Philly that has opened a comic book and coffee shop. I was elated myself. Can you say, “road trip?” I saw the link from Comic Beats first, but the initial interview was on Philly.com. Philadelphia now has a comic book store owned by a Black woman! As the comic/nerd culture increases in popularity, black comic book writers, artists and enthusiasts are increasing in numbers…

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A Branch of Hope

Integrating technology into classrooms has been on the rise the last few years. Students have access to laptops, tablets, and smartboards to help assist their learning experience. All of these devices have certainly helped the visual aspect in the classroom, but one woman has tackled the challenges facing students with hearing disabilities. Renee Kakareka, a recent graduate of Philadelphia University, launched Olive Devices to start getting help for those in the classroom who need it.…

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17 Hard Truths About Owning A Business

The reasons that anyone decides to venture down the path of business ownership vary. Maybe it’s the allure of setting our own hours. The chance to call fuzzy slippers and pajama pants “work clothes.” The opportunity to do business the way it should be done. But for all of us, there’s one inarguable reason: the chance to finally put energy into building our dream instead of someone else’s. With the decision to launch a business,…