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Just Be Love

Just Be Love By Chanette Sparks Love is a powerful word. It can be an emotional or physical feeling that we have towards our parents, children, friends, country, religion, or even life. At its best, love is a force of nature and is more than just intimacy. It’s also an act of kindness that is pure and forgiving. Trenia Today is not your ordinary Entrepreneur or Women-Owned business. With the recent Valentine’s Holiday just last…

Behind the Scenes Spotlight

Behind the Scenes of The Runway

 Behind the Scenes of The Runway By Chanette Sparks More than just a small town country girl, La’Meshia Le’ Whittington is taking on the modeling industry by storm! Strutting down the runway with fierceness, the rising inspiration confidently possesses pride, passion, and elegance during each and every one of her showcases. When our staff caught up with La’Meshia, we were pumped! La’Meshia began her profession at a very young age. Although she rips the…

Write in Vision Spotlight

A Vision, A Purpose and An Experience

A Vision, A Purpose and An Experience By Chanette Sparks (Raleigh,NC)When Kim W. Hodges set out on her “Vision Writing Experience”, she knew that the courses would be spiritually enriching and educational in helping others reach personal and professional growth. Through her workshops, the driven entrepreneur does not shy away from her faith in God and feels that there are no failures in Christ. Also the Author of, “Write the Vision, Make it Plain”,…

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How Kimanzi Constable is Living The Life We All Deserve

(Philadelphia, PA) Entrepreneurship is the encapsulation of freedom. Many of us have huge dreams of owning a business or creating a product or service that we’d like to profit from to finance our lives. Unfortunately many of us succumb to the reality of working a regular 9 to 5 , quickly dousing the flames of our passion to succeed outside of the norm. We believe that the equivalent of our success lies within the type…

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KWrightCoaching: Bringing A Creative Spin To Professional Coaching

(Atlanta, GA) Kurinn Wright, founder of KWrightCoaching, has a background in higher education. She has been coaching for over nine years, with many of them dedicated to creating action plans for non-traditional college students. As a Business Success Strategist with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Human Resource Management, her expertise is in goal setting and strategic planning, conducting focus groups, developing training tools and job descriptions, professional development, motivational speaking, and mentoring youth and young adults.…

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Redefining “Women In Business” for 18 Cents A Day

CEO of Women Owned Business Club  uses social and web networking to inspire women into business. (New York, NY) Lisa Montalva will enhance any emerging businesswoman’s career for only 18 cents a day (annual membership fee is $69), and she feels fortunate in doing so. Montalva’s co-founding venture is the Women Owned Business Club (WOBC), an organization that is committed to supporting women around the globe to build a network and audience about their business…

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In Between…A Personal Narrative Captured on Film

(New York, NY) Arisleyda (Aris) Dilone is an up and coming artistic entrepreneur with a passion for sharing stories.  She left her work as a community organizer in New York to pursue her interests in writing and storytelling.  Aris is currently working on her first feature length documentary entitled, In Between, about her experience as an intersex Dominican American woman.  Her drive and determination are evident through her tireless commitment to her art, and Au’loni…

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Turning Up The IT World

Academic Professor and CEO of Khandelabra Incorporated, wears many innovative hats. (Washington, DC) Now entering his thirties, acclaimed academic and businessman Anwar Khan has already achieved a pinnacle of success that is only going to expand as far as his dreams will grow. After spending his early years working full time towards his academic degrees, the D.C. resident set out to enter the information technology field. A fast learner, Khan would eventually outsmart the rigid…

An Entrepreneur Helping Young Girls Find Their “Beaut’e Within”

An ambitious entrepreneur, Shant’e Williams founded a business with a cause: Beaut’e Within is aimed at motivating young girls to aspire to great things and to raise their self-esteem. Williams founded this mentoring program after working for a Philly education district for 8 years as a substitute teacher. Ms. Williams also volunteered at afterschool programs to obtain more experience in working with children. These experiences made her find her true calling—to help young children realize…

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Growing Smaller Makes Impact Taller

Rayce Rollins  teaches small business owners the  tools to grow smarter, not faster. (Philadelphia, PA) To make six figures coming straight out of undergrad from a personal leasing entrepreneurial venture would seem like a mission accomplished. For Rayce Rollins, it would only be the beginning. After several years of learning and developing – and picking up a respectable MBA from St. Joseph University – Rollins is becoming a rising face in Philadelphia’s entrepreneur scene. In…