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Microsoft Reactor Event

(Philadelphia, PA) The Microsoft Reactor in Philadelphia hosted a meet and greet May 24, 2017 at the University City Science Centre. The event featured Microsoft Technical Evangelists and Most Valuable Professionals, known as “MVPs,” who talked to visitors about the role Microsoft and Microsoft Reactor can play in small business and the greater Philadelphia community. One of only three sites throughout the country, the Microsoft Reactor on Market Street is a free community space open…

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Welcome to the New Startup Ecosystem in Valencia Spain

(Valencia, Spain) A beautiful Spanish city by the beach, blessed by a year-round mild climate, filled to the rim with amazing restaurants and architecture, with an up-and-coming startup ecosystem that could use a boost or two to finally kick into gear. You’d be forgiven if you immediately think of Barcelona, but I’m referring to its smaller sibling, about 300 kilometers to its south, the birthplace of (proper) paella and home to the unrivalled annual Las Fallas…

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Sit Down with a CEO (Tech Edition): Better Weekdays

Good news for anyone looking to employ or be employed. Better Weekdays is an innovative new tech start up company based out of St. Louis founded in 2011. The company seeks to use data to create meaningful and effective relationships between job seekers and employers. Au’loni Magazine got a chance to have an exclusive Q & A with CEO and founder of Better Weekdays, Chris Motley. Tell us about your background and the beginning…

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Itinerant: Your Best Travel Companion

Guangzhou, China- Traveling is a passion that is shared by many. It is one of the few things in life that you spend money on that will make you richer. Both Leanne Spencer-Harper and Jenn Everett decided to act upon their mutual love for traveling and created a unique business. Itinerant was created in May of 2015 when Co-Founder Leanne Spencer-Harper was traveling through Beijing and met a fellow traveler who was making his…

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‘Switch’ing up the Job Hunt

Job searching can be one of the most infuriating and frustrating processes, especially when you’re being denied so many opportunities, even though you’re qualified. For those trying to get positions filled, finding the right candidates, or even making it so that their position can be found in the first place can be a challenging task as well. “It’s expensive, time-consuming and a drain on energy that could be spent elsewhere,” said Yarden Tadmore, creator of…

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From Stutterer to Stud: There’s an App for that

Philadelphia, PA – Great news to all of you stutterers and fantasizers of audiences in underwear! A hero has just been created, and better yet it will be by your side, in your back pocket or even in the bathroom with you whenever you need it. VirtuReal is an app meant to act as a personal public speaking coach and was created by Kristen Newman and Tapiwanashe Ndlovu, two Drexel students who were compelled to…

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NimNim Laundry App

Boston, MA – Laundry. It is one of those things that some people let pile up until they have no clothes left to wear. Then they are faced with the task of having to wash a mountain of laundry, which can take a decent amount of time. Many of us have hectic schedules, making it hard to find the time of day to do laundry, especially if it’s at the laundromat. Thankfully, there is now…

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Healthcare Goes Digital With TEB1

(Philadelphia, PA) For one Philadelphia businessman, starting a company was more than just a personal venture but an investment for the future of science and technology. Since 2002, Timothy Butts has been the President and CEO of TEB1 & Associates, LLC., a premier provider of Healthcare IT solutions that specialize in healthcare communication partnerships with healthcare professionals, students and institutions. Butts started the company as a response to the lack of innovation and ingenuity within the…

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Turning Up The IT World

Academic Professor and CEO of Khandelabra Incorporated, wears many innovative hats. (Washington, DC) Now entering his thirties, acclaimed academic and businessman Anwar Khan has already achieved a pinnacle of success that is only going to expand as far as his dreams will grow. After spending his early years working full time towards his academic degrees, the D.C. resident set out to enter the information technology field. A fast learner, Khan would eventually outsmart the rigid…

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Chalking Up Knowledge on HootBoard

Au’loni Magazine had the opportunity to have an exclusive Q&A with the founder of the innovative new start-up Hootboard’s Satyajeet Shahade on how the emerging company’s journey plans to shape the way we organize and share knowledge. AM: How did you come up with the idea for it? Satyajeet: At HootBoard, we have always been very passionate about all the communities we are part of. We looked at communities as groups of people who have…