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Solar Chargers Get Enlightened With Spor

(Virtual) The start-up community has been buzzing about a little portable charger that is packing a powerful punch. Spor, a portable solar-powered battery charger, has the ability to fully charge an iPhone within 1.5 hours without wasting any conventional electricity. For co-founder David Virgil Hunt, the goal is to speed up that impressive rate even more. One would not believe that such a sustainable invention would unexpectedly come from the brainstorming of another. “My co-founding…

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Prayas Analytics: Data Analysis Coming Full Circle

(Philadelphia, PA) Brick and Mortal Retailers have nothing but good days to look forward to thanks to start-ups dedicating their technology to help these retailers gain an advantage, or at the very least be competitively at par with online retailers. Brick and mortar companies have been facing the problem of competition with the titan known as online shopping for some years now. Frankly, there is a convenience that comes with online shopping and the technology…