Event Start Date:
February 18, 2017
Event End Date:
February 18, 2017
Event Venue:
Philadelphia, PA

Learn to create PASSIVE INCOME by leveraging Real Estate no matter where you are in the USA.
The 9-5 grind is old news and if you are like myself, making someone else rich was not how I wanted to live.
At the time of me making the decision of finding something else I started going to different seminars and quickly realized that the Seminar model to learning about investing in real estate is completely out dated!
There was no support and no resources to get my business going! That’s when I found my team…
My team and I are looking for people to help expand our reach in order to do more transaction and share the wealth. We believe that with a great team we all can do more.
If you are a people person, self-driven, and want to become financially wealthy then you have the prerequisites to be considered.
We want to take the right people under our wing and show them the ropes, step by step, on how to go from ZERO to MONEY at your own pace because everyone is different. This enables us to split profit on transactions and leverage everyone into larger transactions.
But the secret to success in this business is the people…
The teams! If you don’t have a rolodex full of people to call and get things done then it will take you LONGER to make money.
We have the resources and skill set to get any transaction done, as long as the details make sense. If you are the right fit for what we are looking for then we get to work IMMEDIATELY.

First step in being evaluated is RSVP’ing and myself, or one of my business partners, will be contacting you to start the evaluation process.
Say No more to the rat race and take the leap towards financial freedom starting right now…