A mixture of a passion for journalism and urban-art is what inspired Victor Jackson to start

LetThereBeCulture. The non-profit making its debut this September plans on reshaping the

mindset of Philadelphians and the rest of the nation on what it means to be a journalist as

well as the importance of urban art and hip-hop heritage. Au’loni Magazine had the pleasure

of interviewing Victor to find out more about his adventure.


Could you please explain to us what LetThereBeCulture does?

It develops groundwork hip-hop heritage and urban art productions. In the fall we’ll

be creating a short film series for the album surf by the Social Experiment. The

screen writer chose LetThereBeCulture to help host and direct it.


Can you explain more the idea of LetThereBeCulture?

People sometimes think that since you’re capable of doing a lot that’s a weakness

and other times they’re afraid of that. All of these things that you’re capable of

people get kind of wary about because they can’t categorize you. Journalism in terms

of everything has always been a growing form of any kind of art. A music video is

self-journalism a photo shoot is journalism. You specialize in Journalism if you

specialize in urban art.


What age group is it aimed toward?

We try to make it for any age group. We will develop a kind of a calling card that we

are capable of teaching hip-hop heritage and urban art appreciation to any

generation. It does not cost money.


Why is your non-profit so different?

We teach intellectual property in terms of our relationships when we bring youth to

do certain things. We also teach journalism and the appreciation of art and

journalism and what that looks like. The people who do the ground work of making it

(art) a genre what it was never really get credit.


What background influenced LetThereBeCulture?

I studied communication and Journalism and I worked with the Philadelphia Youth

Poetry Movement. I’m from Philadelphia which is an art capital of the world but at

the same time the Philadelphia community, we are so drowned by art that we forget

how to appreciate it and how to make sure it’s getting outside of Philadelphia. The

idea came from there needs to be a system developed strictly for making sure that

art developed here is catapulted into other areas.


Where did the drive to start your own business come from?

My father worked day and night, he’s a very, very strong man. He always wanted me

to not go that route even though it’s an honorable route. He always wanted me to

work smart not hard and he always felt that I was creative and different. He always

felt that I was built to create and he never really wanted me in a position of

servitude for someone else.


What are the goals of LetThereBeCulture?

My biggest goals with the project is to hopefully get us a home so that we can

develop a certain atmosphere that we’d give the city in terms of maybe even

throwing certain artists album parties and giving network parties.


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