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(Nationwide – Philadelphia, PA) – Unrealistic:  A common term used to describe a complete interior design makeover at an affordable price. Yet, three George Washington University graduates are breaking the mold and creating a unique interior design opportunity for millennials. Classmates turned friends, ZOOM Interiors was formed.

Lizzie, Beatrice, and Madeline: the three names behind ZOOM. As college students, they met in their first class within the Interior Architecture and Design program. From the start, their personalities and style complimented each other well. After taking many classes together and studying abroad in London with each other, they decided to enter a business plan competition at George Washington. They created an idea based on a completely virtual and interactive interior design service.

As experts in interior design, many of their friends would ask for advice to make their apartments to look nice at a reasonable price. Branching from a successful business plan and the mindset to succeed, they set out to reshape the interior design business. Their first step – investing in a basic, running website. As college seniors, they were testing the waters and understood they had time to build.

When asked about their first client, they responded, “Our first client was a friend. She took a risk on us, but to be honest – there was nothing worse than what she had. With an idea in place, we didn’t know if the concept would work or not. She loved it so much that she blabbed all over social media.” Through social media, referrals, and word of mouth they gained many clients. Over 98% of their current clients are from referrals of others.

ZOOM Interiors pride themselves on being a lifestyle brand. They are constantly updating their own blog and adding customized art. Clients have the opportunity to come to their website and brand themselves. They are asked to complete a short survey about their lifestyle – music taste, art, style, budget, etc. After the survey is completed, a free 15 minute consultation is arranged based off of their survey results. All of this is done quickly with affordability always in mind. They have recently implemented a new interactive platform where clients can easily upload photos of their space and the dimensions of their floorplan. This platform allows for quick uploads and easy revisions.

The millennial generation is a difficult niche market to break into. ZOOM Interiors faces a challenge with branding within the 22-35 demographic, especially with younger males. “When starting a company you want to catch everyone and do it well. It needs to work between everyone.” Their team dynamic is what separates themselves from others. “The dynamic between the three of us works perfectly. Each of our strengths and weaknesses complement each other.”

Their team dynamic has allowed them to develop a 10 year plan. In the future they would like to develop their own lifestyle brand even further by creating their own furniture. They are currently working on an App to have available for another unique design process. The look and feel of the application is done completely by the ZOOM team.

“We are trained interior designers, but we learned to break the mold in order to do what we wanted to accomplish. We are making interior designing more efficient.”

Visit the ZOOM team at www.zoominteriors.com

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