(Philadelphia, PA) —  More and more “green” alternatives for a variety of products are gaining immense popularity. At the same time, it seems to be a struggle to find more natural alternatives for different services. Green City, in Philadelphia, offers a solution to this problem through their natural services including signature sugaring hair removal and skin conditioning. They are currently the only salon in Philadelphia that offers sugaring as a more natural and gentle way of removing hair. “Green City stresses the importance of skin health management from the inside out and offers customized, carefully designed services, and high-quality products.” They offer professional and organic facials and body treatments like, exfoliating body scrubs, facials for your back and many other things.

CEO of Green CityFounder and owner, Ashley Richardson, provided Au’loni with the opportunity for an exclusive interview about her company. Before Green City, Ms. Richardson worked at Merck for her entire career, mostly in corporate healthcare. After deciding that she wanted to pursue a different career, Ms. Richardson went back to school for skincare and then took a program at Wharton, with their School of Entrepreneurial Studies, where she decided that she wanted to start her own business. Ms. Richardson’s personal struggles with her skin are what kick started the idea for Green City. “I began to take the conventional approach when I first started having symptoms. No matter what doctor I went to, they couldn’t find a diagnosis and couldn’t really fix it with medication.” This is when she started to try something different. “I decided to take a more natural approach in treating my skin. In doing that, I developed a passion for better understanding natural remedies when treating skin. That’s how I came up with the idea of Green City, offering more natural and gentler ways to care for common skin conditions.”

Ms. Richardson had never owned a business before Green City, which she stated being a major challenge in the beginning. “How was I going to wear the multiple hats that I needed to in order to get the business started? How was I going to manage through all of the areas in which I had no previous experience in managing?” These were just a few questions that Ms. Richardson asked herself while faced with many other challenges. One issue was when it came to combining quality with effectiveness. “It was difficult to meet all of the criteria that I was looking for when it came to finding a high-quality, and apiaceous product but also one that met the criteria of being natural, organic, and conscious about ingredients while having an aspect of sustainability.”

Overcoming these various challenges meant a lot of sleepless nights for Ms. Richardson. She also discussed how a lot of extensive research truly helped her with these obstacles. “A lot of the beginning of starting my business and a lot of the resources that I had, went into research and development.” All of this research is a major component of the success of Green City today. Ms. Richardson also provided a few words of advice for her fellow entrepreneurs out there. She started off by stating that you cannot get discouraged. “Starting and owning a business is a ton of hard work and a lot of the time you aren’t being paid for all of that hard work.” Ms. Richardson also stressed the fact of weighing the risks and the benefits before one ventures into entrepreneurship. “Weigh the differences between being an employee and being an entrepreneur. You really have to understand the things you are and are not willing to deal with before diving in head first.”

Ms. Richardson is currently aiming to get Green City more integrated into the local community. “We want to get people more and more aware of what we’re doing and the uniqueness of the services we offer.” In the future, she also plans to get more into the wellness arena, possibly services that tap into yoga or meditation, and overall whole body wellness.

Check out the site to learn more or to book an appointment! http://www.greencitysugaring.com/