Raleigh, NC – Sheena Petty is more than just a hairstylist, she is also an influential figure in her community that seeks to make an impact. Since her childhood, she has been amongst many great stylists that she credits to inspiring her into becoming the successful woman and stylist that she is today. When Auloni’s team caught up with Petty, we were pretty excited to hear about her beauty salon, Hair…The Avenue.

While many may question what it takes to be happy and successful, Petty believes that happiness and fulfillment are key attributes to her success. She shared with our team that her journey surfaced during a time where she was in the process of soul searching. Upon analyzing her talents, she found her purpose in life, and that was to continue on with her family’s legacy of hairstyling. Petty has since developed a platform of unique initiatives to create opportunities that will help her to maximize her full potential.

In Hair…The Avenue, Petty’s expertise extends beyond beautiful hairstyles. The stylist consults with her clients by implementing the benefits of healthy, well-nourished hair.

“When it comes to servicing clients (old and new), I like to consult with them so that I can have a solid idea of how they want their hair in the present as well as future styles, which helps me to help them reach their hair goals”. –Sheena Petty

What we valued learning most about Petty was her mission to give back and make a difference in her own community. For example, during the grand opening of her salon, everyone that attended was encouraged to bring non-perishable food items, which she then donated to the Salvation Army’s food drive. She seeks to provide diversity and creativity in every function that she presents within her community, in hopes to positively affect lives through the avenue of hair, and globally.

Since targeting her true calling, Petty has a daily routine that keeps her grounded and thankful for the present moment. Each day, she enjoys daily reading, meditation, and fitness prior to operating her salon.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

Sheena PettyMy name is Sheena Petty, born and raised in Raleigh, NC.  After graduating from Enloe High School, I knew that I wasn’t ready for college, but I also knew I had to make a decision concerning my future. It just so happens that I come from a family of cosmetologist: my great-aunt Christianna Pitts was the owner and operator of one of the first cosmetology schools in Raleigh, NC in the 1950’s (Civella Beauty College). Then there is my mom (Sharon Woodard) who was a great asset to the field of cosmetology as a stylist and instructor for 20 years. So I said to myself… Why not?  I began Cosmetology School at Mitchell’s Hair Styling Academy, which was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had to date. Once I graduated, the journey to “becoming” began.

What inspired you to start a salon?

As a younger stylist, I’ve had the opportunity to work in some great environments; and, out of all of the salons that I’ve worked in I was able to learn golden nuggets from each of them, which has helped me to form the culture within the salon I now own Hair…The Avenue

How does your salon differ from other salons?

The mission of Hair…The Avenue is positively affecting the lives of others through the avenue of hair and the way we plan to live out this mission is by not only providing great beauty services, but also making a difference in the community.

What matters most to you with hair, Style or Health?

I’m a stylist that’s definitely into healthy hair and then I focus on the styling aspect. One thing that the clients I service know about me is that if I think certain things like hair color or chemicals will compromise the health of their hair I will not perform those services. They may not be happy at the moment, but they respect my expertise and honesty.

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

Personally, I see my husband and I raising our children and continuing to grow together as a strong unit. Professionally, I see myself owning and operating a life changing cosmetology school and being in a position to help up and coming beauty professionals take dominion in this field.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Honestly, I would like to make a positive impact wherever I go, locally or worldwide.

How can others reach you?

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @hairtheavenue