(Philadelphia, PA) For one Philadelphia businessman, starting a company was more than just a personal venture but an investment for the future of science and technology.

Since 2002, Timothy Butts has been the President and CEO of TEB1 & Associates, LLC., a premier provider of Healthcare IT solutions that specialize in healthcare communication partnerships with healthcare professionals, students and institutions. Butts started the company as a response to the lack of innovation and ingenuity within the healthcare public sector.

“I came up with the idea due to an outgrowth of work with private sector healthcare providers such as Mayo Clinic and seeing that the public sector was lacking and wasn’t efficient,” Butts recalls. “They (public sector) were still operating data on paper and this made me realize that the model needed to change.”

When TEB1 & Associates Healthcare IT Consulting formed, Butts used unconventional methods of staff recruitment and appeal. He went directly to nearby colleges and universities, such as the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University to not only hire upcoming graduates, but educate them about the industry as well.

“I felt that working in the community and getting the future of STEM involved would make our work continue to stay cutting edge,” Butts explained. “An educational piece was important to having longevity in my model of sustainability for the company…this helps to create various avenues of opportunity.”

Hardships that came with starting the company were the initial slow pace of getting contracts and projects to work on. However, Butts overcame these hurdles by perfecting his craft and strengthening his credibility. He got more certifications in the profession, trained and educated future staff at campuses, and sharpened what will eventually become his essential core values.

“In order to truly succeed in this industry you have to be able to personally know what you’re doing, have the credibility to prove such to others, and be able to deliver…as long as you’re able to believe your work can do that then stick to your guns on not giving up,” Butts said on overcoming the initial burdens of starting TEB1.

Today, Butt’s team consists of a variety of experience in the clinical, academic and technical industries. The working dynamic of the company is multifaceted, with a subset of members handing up and running contracts, constant on-location servicing, teaching, and developing business prospects. Many of those involved in any number of these aspects are soon-to-be college graduates Butts have introduced to science, technology, engineering, and medical (STEM) related opportunities than did not knew were available.

“It’s important to me to leave a legacy for the future,” Butts said. “The work I do currently allows me to have the opportunity to give back to the community and also increase the number of college students involved in STEM related fields.”

As for future goals for the company, Timothy Butts does not plan to stop finding new ways to learn and grow company. Already a recipient of a Bachelor’s and Master’s and a handful of other related certifications along the way, he plans to eventually get a PhD and expand the business as he increases staff.

In terms of giving advice for interested young professionals in his field, his advice is very simple.

“Define who you see in the mirror, and ask yourself do you know what you are doing?,” Butts advises. “Have the personal credibility…you are your business. Have a memorable elevator speech available and stick to your guns. You have to believe things will turn for the better.”