(Manhattan, New York) Everyone has that “thing” or person who keeps them motivated, whether it be a song, activity, or person. Buihe Madu, self-proclaimed transformational speaker, and soul trainer is the founder of a soul searching project, inspiring young entrepreneurs to find their purpose and grow professionally. Heromanity is deeper than just helping people grow, but it stems from a heartwarming story. Before Buihe’s father’s passing, he had two heart transplants and a kidney transplant. The last heat and kidney transplant came from a young guy in his early teenage years, who died from a gun incident. The family of the young boy wanted to meet Buihe’s father and his family. Traveling from Manhattan to Queens to meet this family, Buihe realized that they were different. The families did not know each other prior, and the donor family did not speak English. One thing that that the families had in common was love. Buihe explains the meeting saying “To see this man embrace my father, in such a way, that really touched me.” The donor family was not only embracing Buihe’s father, “but his son in a form of a heart and kidney.”  At that point Buihe realized that we as human beings are beyond language, race, and color, but we connect through an events.

This brought up the question for Buihe of “What if we gave everything that we had, from our hearts to others,” allowing them to live to their fullest potential? He gave Au’loni Magazine the example of a teacher, saying “If we are teachers, teaching with everything that we’ve got.” Buihe passionately explains that Heromanity is inspired by giving courageously and with love because of love, and not because you are going to get something in return.

Buihe says that “as beings, we all have a purpose.” Sometimes we may not know what our purpose is and it takes something like a movie, or something that we can relate to, to bring it out of us. He calls us “sleeping heroes,” up until we find our being. Buihe uses his transformational speaking to help people train their souls, that’s his gift, “training to honor soul missions,” he says. He executes his soul training by asking his 24 hour question. “What are you going to do in the next 24 hours to make it happen?” Buihe has a high concern for people, but why? He explains that he is a part of the world, and he has children a part of this world. The world is suffering. There are too many sleepers, and he feels responsible for waking them up, inspiring them, and keep the world from suffering.

Buihe is, without a doubt, on a strong path with helping humanity. His concern for people and helping them find their being is exciting. Do you have a personal goal or dream? “What are you going to do in the next 24 hours to make it happen?” For more information on HEROmanity, visit Buihe Madu’s website at BuiheMadu.wordpress.com and visit his Prezi site at HEROmanity Project.