(Los Angeles, California) So, remember the three young ladies, who started the virtual and interactive interior design? Well, Beatrice, Lizzie, Madeline are back and better! It’s only been a year, but these ladies have progressed with their interior designing. In the beginning, these ladies started off in George Washington University, giving advice to people on how to make their apartments look better, and from word of mouth, they became a success.

These ladies started with Zoom and even ended up on the television show, Shark Tank. Zoom allowed for clients to get a new and improved space through the internet. Zoom took the background information from a short lifestyle survey, where they asked their client about their style, music choice, art, and budget, and Zoom cooperated that information into their new space ideas. The client would upload photos from their space, and a consultant would help them from the photos. This interior organization connects well with the millennial generation, within the age bracket off 22-35.

When we last talked to them, they shared not only their talent, but their business intelligence. The team developed a 10 year plan, and one the things they were working on, was an App, for the designing process for their clients. Fast forwarding a year later, these ladies have accomplished this. No longer Zoom, the ladies changed their brand to Homme. The ladies are well aware of their target audience and make sure Hommee connects with them in the best way. Melinda mentions instant gratification, and how she knows their audience wants everything fast and on the go. It’s so easy to participate with Homee. Download the app, Homee, and you are instantly connected with a consultant. From there, she asks you question of styles you like, you upload pictures of your room and you guys start designing!

We all know designing is hectic and expensive, so Homee makes sure they match your budget, while also keeping you in style. Price matching is also involved. For those who are familiar with ZOOM, it is ZOOM, “but a bigger version.” So let’s see, free consultant for interior designing, interior designing on your phone, not expensive at all, what is not to love? Follow the journey transition by downloading the app, following them on twitter @ZOOMInteriors, and on Instagram: ZOOMInteriors.