My high school English teacher stood at the front of the room one Monday morning

and said something that I will truly never forget. “With no imagination comes no

success.” I think that this statement can be applicable to many situations, and can be

of inspiration to those brave souls who are venturing out and trying to start their

own businesses.


A common theme while conducting interviews with entrepreneurs from all over the

world has been their drive and vision. Many have said that the first step to success

is envisioning the possibilities of the future and the possibility of their dreams

becoming reality.


All businesses start with ideas, thoughts that have been swirling around in a persons

mind since before they can remember. Instead of focusing on the negatives, it is

important to take that first step and see where it takes you. If you wait, often you

will be waiting forever and will find millions of excuses to not take that leap of faith.

The most successful entrepreneurs in our nations history have had a clear vision in

their minds, and even when their visions seemed like the farthest thing from reality,

they kept on working and fighting hard for their passions. Take Henry Ford, who

failed five times and almost went bankrupt before successfully creating Ford Motor

Company. How about Bill Gates? He dropped out of college only to start a business

that sooner failed. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper job after being told that

he “lacked imagination”.


What do all of these people have in common? They failed time and time again, yet

they never gave up because they could imagine what life would be like when they

eventually succeeded.


The Au’loni Magazine staff members have learned so much from the CEO’s and

businesspeople that we have had the honor of meeting along the way. They have

inspired us to keep an end goal in mind, and to never stop imagining. Even when life

throws rejections at you time and time again, stop, regroup, and know that a

positive outcome is in the near future.