Philadelphia PA– As you probably already know, Au’loni Magazine’s goal is to

highlight upcoming innovative ideas as well as focusing on providing a platform for

“the next big thing”. But where do these “next big thing” ideas come from? Where do

the geniuses behind these ideas come up with their master plans that lead them to

such great success?

One of these free flowing and innovative clubhouses spaces is located right in the

heart of University City in Philadelphia, PA. The University Science Center Quorum

is designed to be a clubhouse for entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia region.

Born out of a recommendation from the CEO Council for Growth’s 2009 study,

Accelerating Technology Transfer in Greater Philadelphia, Quorum fills a niche in

the innovation ecosystem as a central, neutral gathering place for the region’s

entrepreneurial and creative community to convene, connect and learn.

We had a chance to speak to Kristen Fitch, Senior Manager in Marketing & Media

Relations at the Science Center. According to Kristen Quorum is a “Niche in the

innovation ecosystem as a central, neutral gathering place for the region’s

entrepreneurial and creative community to convene, connect and learn.” The room

itself gives off innovative vibes with its open and modern design. The rooms in the

Quorum Lounge are so unique, even the glass that separates the room from the

lounge is is made from a garage door. Who would have even thought of something

like that? In addition to this, majority of the walls are made of dry erase board

material, there is free wifi, LCD screens, programming that connects to the

community, a great view and free coffee! Functionally, the space allows flexibility to

accommodate a number of events, programs as well as makes it a great working


After speaking with Kristen, we discovered that Quorum is composted of two spaces of

innovative thinking, the Quorum Conference Room and the Quorum Lounge. The

Conference room is where a large amount of programs and events take place

including five core programs that are designed to connect entrepreneurs with

people and recourse that can help take their small businesses to the next level.

These events include the Coffee & Capital, How to Talk Money, Office Hours, Smart

Talk and Lunch For Hungry Minds. According to Kristen “The Quorum Lounge offers

the entrepreneurial community a free and open work space without the

commitment of a desk or the burden of cost. People often come early to Quorum

events – or stay late – enjoying the intense networking (and free coffee) that is a

hallmark of the Quorum Lounge”.

“The best think about the Quorum Lounge is that you never know who you’ll meet!”

Many companies in their early start up stages come here to work daily as well as use

the space for their own events. One of them being Au’loni Magazine’s

NEXTgeneration Marketing Gala, taking place on July 24th 2015 in the Quorum

Conference Room and Lounge area.

So next time your stuck on figuring out where to go next with your business, take a

trip to the Quorum Lounge and see what you might come up with. The Greater

Philadelphia area is a region filled with startups and is named one of the top cities in

the country for innovative thinking. Your idea might be the “next big thing”.