With a family to support and an amazing personal story, Makini Smith decided to follow her gut instincts and jump into the world of entrepreneurship as an Author, International speaker, and Mentor. She’s released two books with the goal to “turn your losses into lessons and live the life you desire” and has continued to do so through her writing, speaking, and mentoring. Today, she is sharing her journey through motherhood, and owning a business, with all of the details along the way. I’m honored to have met her at a recent event and have also been able to capture her more than once. She is full of light and positivity. Enjoy today’s interview with the fabulous Makini Smith!

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Strong. Humble. Loving.

What do you do? How did you get started?

I help to educate and empower women to cultivate courage through faith, to overcome adversities so they can live the lives they desire. Sharing my journey of healing worldwide, giving them permission to heal themselves. As an international author and motivational speaker I’m able to mentor women all over the globe. This part of my journey began after my divorce in 2010 and losing my sister in 2012.

I was tired of hurting and wanted to leave a legacy behind that my children could be proud of. I began sharing my story at women’s groups. Women kept telling me how much my story inspired them and helped their journey.

I decided rather than share my wisdom one to one that I could make a bigger impact sharing it one to many. I wrote my first book not knowing that I would have to speak on platforms. The transparency and authenticity attracted more than I expected and my passion to help other women heal transitioned into women asking me to be their mentor.

Tell us something you’ve done to inspire or encourage others.

I lead by example. I live my life authentically and transparently without shame or guilt.

I give thanks by giving, spread love, and motivate where I can. My heart for philanthropy inspires and encourages others.

What do you do to stay inspired?

Daily prayer and affirmation keeps me inspired. I also make it a practice to only follow those on social media that spread inspiration. I don’t tolerate negative people or conversations. What we focus on grows.

When do you feel the most confident?

I feel most confident after I’ve stepped off of a platform and someone comes to tell me how much they can relate or that I’ve impacted their life somehow. Knowing that I’m making a difference makes me feel confident in my purpose.

What or who inspires you to keep going when things get tough?

My children are my “WHY”. They keep me going when things get rough. I look at them and remember why I’m doing this. Your “WHY” has to be more valuable than money or you will quit soon as things get tough.

What’s your favorite book? Why?

“You Were Born Rich” by Bob Proctor because it teaches proven systems to unlock the potential you were born with achieve prosperity in all areas of your life.

Favorite quote(s) to live by:

“Give thanks by giving”

Complete this sentence: I can’t-live-without my…


Favorite beauty product at the moment?

Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade

Dream vacation spot?

Turks & Caicos

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your life or as an entrepreneur?

The largest challenge I overcame as an entrepreneur was my entire first year as a realtor. I filed for my divorce the same time I started. I had little savings. I had to invest in building a business, pay lawyers, provide for 3 children and I generated zero income for the first 8 months.

I managed to stay sane, pay my bills on time, feed my kids with the help of close friends and family and excel in my new career.

Through perseverance and faith I was able to overcome and make more money in the last 4 months of that year than the average realtor made in 12 months.

What’s coming up next for you?

I’m getting ready to launch my third book. A gratitude journal!

What’s your best tip for other entrepreneurs?

Start before you are ready. There is never a perfect time.

Don’t be paralyzed by perfection. You will learn as you grow. Focus on your strengths not your weaknesses.