Guangzhou, China- Traveling is a passion that is shared by many. It is one of the few

things in life that you spend money on that will make you richer. Both Leanne

Spencer-Harper and Jenn Everett decided to act upon their mutual love for traveling

and created a unique business.


Itinerant was created in May of 2015 when Co-Founder Leanne Spencer-Harper was

traveling through Beijing and met a fellow traveler who was making his way to

China. Because he did not want to go to China with a tour group, and spoke no

Chinese, he had decided to follow his friend’s travel itinerary from a previous trip.

Leanne was inspired, and thought that it would be such a great idea to create a

space where travelers could share their itineraries, and inspire each other to seek



Itinerant is an app and website that can be utilized for travelers of all ages. It allows

travelers to share itineraries, something that will benefit thousands of adventure

seekers all over the world.


Au’loni Magazine had to honor of talking to Jenn Everett, Co-Founder of Itinerant.


How has your business grown since the beginning?

“We got feedback, fixed some bugs and then we sent it out to our families and close

friends on Facebook and we actually crashed the site within an hour from so much

traffic. As we’ve both been traveling in Asia the past 6 months, we’ve been talking to

other backpackers along the way and listening to how they would use it and what

they want.”


What were some of the hardships along the way?

“It’s been difficult for us to work full-time jobs and then come home and try to fix

bugs with the website while we’re still learning how to code. We have a huge

learning curve to go, but it is really important to us to be two female founders that

are coding their own website and mobile application.”


Where do you see your business going in the future?

“We see Itinerant being the mobile app that travelers can track each other on, stay in

touch, but above all, help each other. Traveling is stressful and sometimes things go

wrong or fall through last minute, we want to be the support system there for them

when that happens.”


What advice would you give someone who is just starting his or her own


“Don’t feel obligated to the office job right after graduation; it’s not your only option.

I moved to China two months after I graduated, taught English, and now I’m

freelancing for different blogs and start-ups and I’m making my student loan

payments. Yeah, this isn’t normal, but I’m traveling, creating my own business, and I

couldn’t be happier.”


It is apparent that this platform is going to help thousands of passionate travelers

like Jenn. “Itinerant is a community by travelers, for travelers to travel well and

pass it on.”