There is no doubt that most people find wine to be an intimately relaxing and

enjoyable experience. Just the thought of a soft glass of quality wine usually makes

many of us feel warm and snuggly inside. From learning about winemaking, enjoying

a lavishing meal, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in an exquisite

glass or bottle of hand-crafted wine, a North Carolinian vineyard has all of the variety

you need. Inspired by the romance of the wine industry, JOLO Winery and Vineyards

opened its estate with a grand celebration in early 2014. When our team caught up

with the Founder JW Ray, we were intrigued by the winery and its crafted boutique

style approach. Named after JW’s and his wife’s two children, Joey and Logan-which

have been creatively combined; JOLO is located in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina.

When we asked JW about what inspired him to open such an innovative winery and

vineyard, he shared that he has always held a passion for quality wines and harvesting.

He and his family take genuine pride in the various opportunities of winemaking with

native grapes, while offering their guests a farm-to- table and bottle approach. In

addition to their harvesting, the Ray’s children are also actively involved in the

vineyard and the tasting lodge, where they assist in the harvesting process and serving

of the wines.


Nestled in the trails of the Yadkin Valley, the Ray family started the vineyard in 2010

clearing trees and laying out the first blocks. He shared that great wine takes time and

the highest quality grapes, which is why it took a few years to prepare and launch, as

they decided to plant and harvest varietals that thrive in the northern North Carolina

Foothills climate. Inside the winery you will find that it is different than most, as it has

been renovated with beautiful wood, oak, and stone. Elegance fills the French-styled

farm house with European china, crystal chandeliers and a sophisticated tasting.

During the tastings, separate wine glasses are used for the variety of wine selections,

which have been perfectly paired for enhanced flavor and for the most quality

experience when tasting the wines. The JOLO family has a highly trained staff, along

with an elegant restaurant that comfortably seats 24 guests for a fine dining



JOLO is about providing a unique wine tasting experience. We strive to provide our

guests with a high-end experience that’s of y quality and will be remembered. We also

want to give the proper treatment that they will not get anywhere else. –JW Ray

Since its opening, JOLO has gained gold medals and has developed a phenomenal

reputation for being amongst the best in the East Coast. JW hopes that the family farm

will become a historic legacy for his family, where his children and grandchildren can

be proud of what he has accomplished.


When we asked the winemaker where he saw the family harvesting farm in the next

five years, he pleasantly answered, “Still here and hopefully making more quality



To connect with JOLO Winery and Vineyards, you can visit them on their website at: They are also on a number of social media platforms

such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.