(Oakland, CA) – The summer is at its peak right now. The days are longer and 5:00pm clock out seems further than ever before. After these long summer days at work don’t you just wish you could come home to a full hearty home cooked meal like the ones your mom or grandma’s use to make for you as a kid? It’s nearly impossible for people to eat a proper home cooked meals these days on such busy schedules.

Josephine, an online food service launched in 2014, has come up with a way to make eating home cooked meals easy and accessible for people who literally don’t have the time to cook. We were able to catch up with one of the owner of Josephine, Charley Wang, to ask him a little bit about the program.

“For customers, Josephine is a way to buy home cooked meals for pick up from verified cooks in their neighborhood. It gives busy people a way to eat healthy, have authentic experiences, and support local entrepreneurs all while having meaningful offline interactions”.

“For cooks, we offer an suite of tools that makes running your own food business easier, extensive education on how to be a better business person (everything from marketing, to customer service, to business planning), and finally the community for support, learnings, and a whole lot of love”.

Josephine is one of its kinds. The Unique program is designed to not only provide food for those in the community, but also build relationships, better businesses and community support all based around such a basic nutritious home cooked meal.

The idea for Josephine came from Charley and his Co Found Tal, who both came from households where home cooked traditional meals were very important. For Charley it was Chinese cuisine, where for Tal it was Israeli cuisine. Both grew up in completely different households, but their was just something about a home cooked meal that got them thinking a little differently about business. So, in April of 2014, they both quit their jobs and dove deep into discovering exactly what it was about a home cooked meal that made them feel so much more nourishing.  As a result of this Josephine we launched. The goal being “To reduce our reliance on industrialized food products and to create easier access to nourishing food experiences and relationships” explained Charley.

After 8 months into full testing and really discovering and exploring the under the table food industry, Charley and Tal realized something about the food industry “Individual cooks all over the world will never be able to create food that is as crave able, consistent, or as cheap as the highly specialized $8 billion dollar food industry, but they absolutely can beat out those companies on a holistic food relationship front.”

Building this online food service has now reached so many people. It’s growing household businesses, rising awareness for healthy and nourishing food and is helping the growth of communities. All these great aspects coming from the idea of just sharing a home cooked meal.
For right now the goal for Josephine is to thrive in building communities and connecting them to work to grow their healthy meal food business. Charley states, “If executed on correctly, Josephine will be a platform that can empower cooks in all communities, bridging cultural and socio economic barriers.”

In the end, we all know that food brings people together no matter what. But there is just something about a home cooked meal that Josephine knows will do us all some good.