Just Be Love

By Chanette Sparks

Love is a powerful word. It can be an emotional or physical feeling that we have towards our parents, children, friends, country, religion, or even life. At its best, love is a force of nature and is more than just intimacy. It’s also an act of kindness that is pure and forgiving.

Trenia Today is not your ordinary Entrepreneur or Women-Owned business. With the recent Valentine’s Holiday just last month, we felt inspired to “Spread A Little More Love.”

When Auloni’s team sat down with the “Just Be Love” Author and Motivational Life Speaker, we walked away understanding the meaning of love more internally. The upcoming 2015 newly released book breaks down the transparency of love and delivers information on how to be more aware of our surroundings. Trenia Today shares how she embarked on a journey of self-fulfillment, while accomplishing her dreams.

The Author admits that she has always been a spiritual person and says that ever since childhood, she has had a pure and loving heart.

Always a friend to everyone, she believes that love is one of the most kind, non-judgmental, and purest acts that a person can offer.

When we asked Trenia Today what are greatest achievements were in life, she stated, “I was a teenage mother to not one, but two children. I had to work diligently and extremely hard to create a more sustainable future for my children and myself. I am proud that I overcame the stereotypes that many teenage mothers receive. I currently have two Small Businesses and a new book that are growing and thriving daily”.

Upon exploring the true meaning of love in such a love accomplished month such as February, we sat down with Trenia Today to find out more about her and the different qualities of love.

What’s the story behind Trenia “Today”?

Well, I was born Trenia Johnson. I never felt that my last name gave me justice and I’ve always felt I was someone more. I began to notice during my professional journey that no two days were the same. Whether they involved my personal or professional lifestyle, there was always a completely different beginning or ending each day. One day a business associate asked me, “Who are you today?” Which was a question asked during my blossoming as an Entrepreneur? When I answered, I said, well…..I’m Trenia Today!!!

It stuck with me ever since and it’s become my signature name.

What inspired you to become an Entrepreneur and Author?

I have two daughters. I was a teenage mom and I encountered several hardships prior to getting my businesses on track. However, I knew that I could overcome many of the stereotypes that underlined so many teenaged mothers. I wanted more for my daughters from the moment that they were born and I was always looking in to ways to earn a living as they aged. My entire journey was, and still is a story. I wanted to be an inspiration to others and be a change in communities world-wide.

What inspired your book “Just Be Love”?

I was inspired when I became an Entrepreneur and began to travel the world. I have not seen all of the world, but the places I have seen showed me that I wanted more out of life and I really wanted to live it.

With the book, it aspired from various portions of my life growing up. Some people have so much jealousy, envy, and hatred towards one another and we all have to learn to forgive and “Just Be Love”, no matter what the situation. As I grew older, I began to study different readings, teachings, and techniques on how to love myself and others in a greater way. We all have a purpose in life and that’s to give back and be a blessing to others.

Do you have any upcoming products/services?

Actually yes! I have an Internet International Traveling Talk Show coming this Fall by the name of “The Trenia Today Show”. The broadcast focuses on Travel & Adventure, Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, Organic Farming & Wholistic Living, Eco Friendly & Sustainability, Chefs  & Restaurants, as well as Community & Arts.

How would someone contact you?

The book can be purchased at: https://www.createspace.com/4784882

and I have several Social Media Platforms.