(Philadelphia, PA) Entrepreneurship is the encapsulation of freedom. Many of us have huge dreams of owning a business or creating a product or service that we’d like to profit from to finance our lives. Unfortunately many of us succumb to the reality of working a regular 9 to 5 , quickly dousing the flames of our passion to succeed outside of the norm.

We believe that the equivalent of our success lies within the type of company we work for and the importance of the titles our jobs use to define us. For most, these trappings are more than enough to maintain a good life.

But for the people with an entrepreneurial spirit it becomes more and more difficult to ignore that voice inside saying “Is this it? I could be doing so much more with my life.”

One such individual, Kimanzi Constable, knew of that struggle all too well.

Since the young age of fifteen Kimanzi had held a multitude of jobs, none of which left him fulfilled.

“I did everything from the cleaning crew at church, fast food, and retail to bread, chip and soda vendor” he says.

Then at nineteen Kimanzi started his first business, which proved lucrative and grew from years with a staff of five employees across three states and a salary reaching into six figures.

But even amidst such success there were pitfalls and obstacles the he had to face, all of which came to a head in 2011 when he found himself working so much that he was absent from his family’s life. Add to this the coupling of gaining 170 pounds and being over $100,000 in debt and Kimanzi finally could take no more.

“After I woke up to how I was living my life, and got real honest about the misery, it took two years to transition into my dream of writing, speaking, and coaching full-time”

Kimanzi had already proven to himself that he could be successful but he was now convinced that he wanted to find success within his own aspirations.

After self publishing his first book, which sold five copies within the first six months, Kimamzi researched social media trends and went on to self publish a second book. Overall, to date, both books have sold over 86,000 copies.

However, his dream of seeing his work in bookstores came to fruition when his book Are You Living Or Existing? 9 Steps to Change Your Life was published in 2013.

And his success continues to grow each day.

Since Kimanzi’s lowest point in 2011 he has gone on to become, not only a published author, but a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Mind Body Green as well. He is also weekly columnist and editor at The Good Men Project , an international public speaker and a life and business coach.

All of these accomplishments are a testament to the fortitude he’s had since deciding he wanted more out of life. However, Kimanzi admits that the road to his success has been paved with its own set of speed bumps and pot holes.

“To get here, I had to ignore my doubt and fear, and focus. I had to embrace failure and learn the skill of perseverance.”

And sometimes his obstacles didn’t take the form of an ominous unseen object. Sometimes the obstacles come bearing words of caution from familiar faces.

“The hardest part has been ignoring the naysayers. There were/are some outright haters, but the ones that got me the most were friends and family that said, “I’m just trying to look out for you.” In the end they were projecting their insecurities. It took time to get past all the people that set me back by letting them feed into my doubt and fear.”

Kimanzi has risen to all the challenges and obstacles before him. Another one of his greatest accomplishments is that he lost 170 pounds in the past year, further adding proof to the old adage ‘You can do anything if you put your mind to it’

“We are special and the only one of us there is in the world. We only get one life to live, and time is the one resource we’ll never get back. You could spend your whole life living comfortably, or you can embrace a harder road and create a life most people only dream. You CAN do this on your own and flourish!

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