Dedicated to Supporting Local Musicians by providing the platform to perform.

(Philadelphia, PA) What do you get when you combine local Philadelphia coffee shops with local Philadelphia musicians? A Kind of a Concert! The young and lively entrepreneur Devon O’Connor created this unique start-up as a way to help aspiring musicians who are seeking more performance opportunities achieve their 15 minutes of fame while being in an intimate coffee house setting while simultaneously entertaining the local Philly community with free concerts. Ms. O’Connor was more than excited to talk about her start-up, and explained that it has been her lifelong dream to spread the power of music to people who might otherwise not encounter live music performances often. “We all have busy lives, so sometimes we forget about how fun it can be to watch a live musician perform.” Rather than make people go to the concerts, Kind of a Concert brings the concert to the people!

When she first came up with the idea for King of a Concert, Ms. O’Connor mentioned that she immediately got to work in trying to find local musicians that would be willing to participate in her project and she started reaching out to local coffee shops asking them if they wanted to host local musicians. “When you have an idea, starting testing it out as soon as you can: you won’t know what works until you try it.” Advised Ms. O’Connor, “Also, if you’re like me and have multiple ideas about how something can go, don’t be afraid to fail—go for it and flush out what doesn’t work.”

When asked to talk a little bit about the struggles she has had with her business, Ms. O’Connor elaborated on the importance of persistence. She certainly had trouble finding venues willing to participate at first, but this did not stop her: she resorted to cold calling (i.e calling people without actually knowing them) and asking them if they would participate. This was a much more involved role that she had to play, but it granted her more experience in selling her business to people, and it gave her more ideas on how to modify her idea so that it best fits the musicians and the coffee shop guests: “You start to realize when someone isn’t buying your pitch, and you then have to decide; is it my business that isn’t a good fit with them, or is it my business that needs changing? If it’s the latter, then get to work and make your business as suitable as it can be for others without compromising your philosophy.”

Ms. O’Connor also mentioned the importance of having a strong social media presence in order to build a buzz about the business. Her start-up is still relatively new and just starting to grow in Philadelphia, but she sees it growing soon enough. We certainly believe her mission is a wonderful one, and are glad that she is using her bubbly and resilient nature to learn more about businesses.

And if you are even in the wonderful city of Philadelphia, be sure to visit a local coffee shop, you just might find a Kind of a Concert there.