(Atlanta, GA) Kurinn Wright, founder of KWrightCoaching, has a background in higher education. She has been coaching for over nine years, with many of them dedicated to creating action plans for non-traditional college students. As a Business Success Strategist with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Human Resource Management, her expertise is in goal setting and strategic planning, conducting focus groups, developing training tools and job descriptions, professional development, motivational speaking, and mentoring youth and young adults. She has knowledge in developing and cultivating vendor relations, international correspondence, and building business relationships.

KWrightCoaching was founded as a result of numerous people seeking guidance from Kurinn in multiple areas. Her coaching practice specializes in Life, Business, and Author coaching. The goal is to assist clients with creating a roadmap to their definition of success. Kurinn’s primary focus is to help clients find their Purpose, Place, and Plan, a system referred to as the “3 P’s”. Do you know your purpose? Do you know where you are supposed to be? And do you have a plan to get there?

Clients who seek Kurinn for Life coaching can expect assistance with finding balance,  transitioning careers, changing behaviors, creating solid action plans, mapping goals, and much more.

Through positive interactive workshops, clients can also build general life skills in a group environment. Group sessions for life coaching consists of topics such as problem solving, goal setting, internal growth, and playing to your strengths. These sessions are optional and can also be held as one on one coaching sessions.

Business coaching is for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, as well as non-profits and corporations. KWrightCoaching assists clients with mapping their business idea, strategic approaches to growing their business, hands-on assistance with completing a business plan, assistance with web and social media content, and so much more. Each quarter there will be innovative workshops specifically designed to help entrepreneurs grow. While most businesses may focus on growing their business, it is essential that the owner grows as well.

Author coaching is designed for writers to get additional support and/or map through the process of completing their book(s). A writer can be coached at any stage based on their needs. Workshops consist of elements that will take a writer from activating what’s inside them to producing their own book trailer. As an author coach, Kurinn provides the tools and skills a writer needs to produce quality work, while mapping a reasonable timeframe for them to complete and market their book. Author workshops are also offered as one on one sessions where the writer will receive more attention in regards to their specific project.

The hands-on experience Kurinn provides to clients in her workshops and individual sessions comes from the things she has mastered over the years through research, and having walked through the processes herself. These areas include being a published author, an established artist, a successful entrepreneur, and someone with a heart to help others through the process of bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Kurinn is the founder The Kkollection (a hobby driven art company), co-founder of iNSPIRE Entrepreneurs, and the Creative Director and Producer for The Dr. Divas Show. She has put in years of work to get where she is, and is willing to put in many more to help others develop a plan for success.

Kurinn conducts coaching sessions in person, over the phone and via email. If you would like to learn more about KWrightCoaching and the services provided, please visit www.kwrightcoaching.com and feel free to submit a request for a complimentary coaching session. You can also contact Kurinn Wright via phone or follow her on social media. KWrightCoaching is located in the metro Atlanta, GA area.


Dr. Rhonda Anderson is a Life Transitions Strategist and the President/CEO of A Scholars Touch, LLC (AST). Her practice specializes in Life, Education, and Business coaching. AST serves youth (ages 12-21), adults, and entrepreneurs with obtaining success both personally and professionally. Please visit AST on the web at www.ascholarstouch.com. Follow AST on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+.