Au’loni Magazine never ceases to amaze me and I’m the Editor! From our diverse readership, supporting sponsors, and hard working interns and staff, we have truly enjoyed watching how our publication has grown.


It has been our mission for the last two and a half years to bring our audience stories and advice on the revolution of “Business” in America. We tackle that mission by seeking out innovative entrepreneurs and business owners, career coaches, and specialist in various fields. In addition, we’ve worked hard to provide events for all of these unique and passionate individuals to network with each other and also enticing ads to promote a plethora of product producing companies and individuals. Of course we can’t forget the amazing experience of covering the 2016 Democratic National Convention. What else is left? What comes after that?


Au’loni Magazine has found the answer! We are proud to announce that starting in February 2017, we will be spending the next year, highlighting INTERNATIONAL groundbreakers in business and entrepreneurship, starting in Valencia Spain! We will be bringing you great pieces on amazing products and business and bringing live footage through our social media platforms and monthly issues. Some of the other places we will provide coverage are Portugal France, Croatia and so many more. We are excited to have our readers travel with us on this new journey. I truly believe that in exploring business and creativity a worldly view is always beneficial. It’s how we are all connected, our passion to produce.


As always, we’ll need your help. As we travel, we want to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a line on our Social media sites, comments section on the magazine site and/or shoot us an email or phone call. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we should cover, questions you’d like answers to, and overall feedback. Join us In Europe (virtually). We love working for you!