VisionaryOver 20 years ago, my Father told me that, “All anyone can ever tell you is NO.” At the time that he was handing out this advice, it was in reference to a complete meltdown that I was having over filling out college applications and how many schools would accept me. I called my father in a minor hysteria to complain about the consequences of not getting a good education or getting into a reputable institution, so much so, that if I didn’t nail the application, I was securing my fate.

I still remember how long he listened to my complaining that was sparked by fear of failure until finally interrupting by saying, “You have to do your best. That’s all you can do and if they don’t accept you, all they can say is no. They can’t have you arrested for applying to their school or file a lawsuit because you’ve wasted their time. The only thing anyone can simply say is no. There is no consequence and at least you tried.”  After his pleasant interruption, I calmed down and we decided to talk about something else. I never complained about my college applications to my Father again.

At that time, my Father didn’t know that such simplistic advice would not only calm me and give me the confidence to apply to the colleges of my choice but that simple conversation amongst the many we had over the years, would guide me throughout my college education and also shape me as I developed professionally. I was able to take from what he said and develop a “No Fear” attitude from that day forward.

From that point on, anytime that I doubted myself or feared my abilities, his voice would enter my head just as clear as the first time he spoke the words and just like the first time, it always had the same affect on me. It drowned out my fears and allowed me to pursue dreams that many never thought attainable and because he released me from those fears, I have been blessed to enter the doors that led to the rooms that were never meant for me enter or cross lines that weren’t designed for me to step over.

Over 20 years later, that is still evident in how I operate our company Au’loni Media & Global Marketing and our wonderful publication, Au’loni Magazine. I was told that Au’loni Magazine would be slow to success just as I was told about starting a business. I was told to take my time because it takes at least five years to build a business and even longer to establish a reputable publication in the media industry.

I was never good at establishing the status quo. Why should I? A different stroke for different folks and everyone’s journey is different depending on their passion, experience, and willingness to break through any barriers that have been set to trap them. For me, that was the realization that I could do whatever I wanted. I was never able to see the ceilings or limits to my success because regardless of what venture I chose to explore, the only thing that could truly happen is being told NO and from there, I could always go back to camp, create a new strategy and go out for more “No’s” until they became a yes!

I’ve shared this vision with my staff and the amazing team here at Au’loni Magazine who all share in my passion and vision of accepting NO as our only consequence and I truly believe it has worked in our favor.

It’s been an amazing two months for our publication. We thank our readers, supporters and advertisers for making Au’loni Magazine such an amazing and innovative publication. We were told very early on in the development of the magazine that it would take several years to get off the ground and to be recognized by the media industry and even longer to receive any acknowledgement. However, we pushed along with the magazine and showing just how unique our content is but also that it’s very much needed in its industry.

I am so happy to inform our readers and supporters that this past May, Au’loni Magazine was not only acknowledged for our work but received several awards for content, imagery, and design by BPN Media! As a result, we are officially an award-winning publication in just under 2 years of our release in November 2014! This is rarely, almost never awarded to such a young publication so it’s truly an honor and we love all of you for your contribution to our success! We look forward to continuing our work at providing you with inspiration, compelling articles/columns, and resources to be an entrepreneur, develop a product, or overall support the groundbreakers in every industry.

Two short weeks after becoming an award-winning publication we then received word that we had been selected as an official media outlet for the Democratic National Convention that is being hosted in Philadelphia (our headquarters) for the first time since the 1950’s. This is not only a great opportunity for AM but is a historic one. The convention will be in July, the month when America celebrates its birth and in the city where the country was founded and Au’loni Magazine gets to be a part of it! Another reason it’s historical is because for the FIRST time it seems the democratic party will be nominating it’s first EVER woman candidate for President of the United States and we will be on hand to provide exclusive coverage of all of it as it develops. Regardless of party affiliation, we are seeing for the second time, a historic moment at the convention and in this country and we are honored to provide coverage.

When we first received word about the convention and that it would take place in Philadelphia, many of our colleagues encouraged us to sign up to be active with the convention but not to get our hopes up of being selected as an official media outlet. In the past, that honor has only been reserved for top media heads such as popular TV/cable networks, radio shows, and established print/online publications who have been in existence for more than 10-20 years. Despite this advice, we kept with our mission and knowledge of our “no” theory and pushed forward. Several months later, regardless of the status quo of how media outlets are selected, Au’loni Magazine was chosen.

We are excited at both the honor of being an award-winning publication in such a short time and being an official media source for the Democratic National Convention. Two examples of how in spite of what was popular we did what was necessary and ignored all roadblocks set in our way and all those who tried to define us based off the norm. As a result, our potential No’s are reaping powerful benefits, as “yes” factors and we couldn’t be more excited.

We are thankful to everyone who is on this journey with us and truly believe that if we continue to stay true to ourselves and adhere to our philosophy we will not only be able to continue to build and support our community of innovators but also truly make history ourselves. Let’s do it together! Our success is your success and all of our good fortune shows that the world of innovation and start-ups is quickly becoming one of the most powerful voices in the world. Be sure that you don’t silence yours and by all means, don’t take NO for an answer.