In its infancy, Au’loni Magazine was so young, vibrant full of life and unknown to any limits that would cause it to grow. On November 24, 2015 she was born. Her birth was celebrated at the Pyramid Club in Downtown Philadelphia to a sold-out crowd. There was music, champagne, food, and all who participated in her birth were there to welcome this new “life” into the world. It was a beautiful day and much to be excited about but like any newborn, no one truly understood or knew what position it would take in their lives or develop amongst its age group.

In the first few months, it began to raise consciousness through the support of its professional family. It began to open its eyes to all the possibilities that lay before it. However, it was still innocent and was easily subjected to the shiny items before it without always knowing if it was beneficial to its growth but most importantly, hazardous to its development. Like any wide-eyed baby it could stand firm in its need but also easily trust so much around it. It also pushed forward as it grew; testing its limits and boundaries. It wanted to start walking before it could crawl, it wanted to speak before it could find the words and it wanted to believe that none of these activities would stunt its growth or exhaust its efforts.

She fed off the energy that surrounded her which caused her to only push more limits. There was so much excitement and promise that was outlined by those who surrounded it. In a good way, it caused for so many experiences that a child her age rarely has. As a result, there were amazing milestones that it reached. It gained momentum and popularity fast and it giggled from the excitement that its mere presence could provide so much joy in others people’s lives which contributed to so much of their success.

However, she was still a baby with much to learn and though the pace of its growth was astonishing, it still needed to exist in the world of a child so that it could properly develop. After 6 months, it began to see the issue with being a baby in an adult world without the proper maturity or infrastructure to support it. Luckily, with the support her family and the knowledge given that she was safe to pace herself, she stopped trying to walk and went back to first learning to crawl. She only tried to form words that she could understand and she began to take her time and indulge in her innocence once more.

With this newfound revelation mixed with her past experience of trying to grow too fast, she quickly became a force to reckon with. She was stronger because she went back to being weak, she was more focused because she first learned how to properly develop, and she could provide so much more opportunity because she could actually trust her own abilities and not rely so heavily on it from others.

On November 24, 2015 she celebrated her first year on earth. It was a wonderful celebration but the greatest success of its first year was the lessons that she learned and the lessons she had to unlearn to see that day. As a result of the variations of triumphs and pitfalls she was able to reach over 300,000 people around the world and reflect the missions of over 1,000 members of its professional family. One of the biggest highlights was that she was the star energy of three sold-out events and partnered with so many other babies her age to form partnerships which caused them to grow together.  Who knows what she will accomplish in her second year on earth but for now she’s still in the process of celebrating and discovering new opportunities for expansion during her next stage of maturity. Au’loni is truly thankful for all the support that attributed to her growth and excited about who will impact her as she moves forward and vice versa.  Stay tuned…


Zarinah Hameen

Au’loni Media & Global Marketing
Au’loni Magazine