Philadelphia, PA – I’m very proud of Au’loni Magazine. The February issue was the best issue thus far as my staff and I watched thousands of new readers get hooked on the Au’loni experience. In addition, we’ve added some great perks for our readers and advertisers in the form of partnerships with some of the country’s top media heads.  The formula that was originally designed for the magazine has come to pass. There are five stories that were covered in our first few issues that are now making national and international headlines. The slogan “Our Now is Next” has taken shape in a way that is quickly making our publication the #1 source and exclusive look into all the products and people who will soon become household names.

Before I go any further, let me formally introduce myself, I am the CEO of Au’loni Media and Global Marketing ( I’m also the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Au’loni Magazine. When I originally thought of the idea, I wanted it to be like no other publication out there. I inspired to create a business magazine that addressed the “changing of times” and cultural shift of business that has taken place worldwide. We are no longer a “business” of suits and ties and success is no longer defined through exclusivity via a college education or family ties.  The experience of ownership is now available to the masses. We have entrepreneurs who embrace the traditional road map to success down to teenagers and young adults who have built empires from their computer screens.

Au’loni magazine depicts the evolution of defining your dreams through a clear mission, purpose, and undying passion. This is displayed through willingness to BE YOUR BIGGEST FAN. Business is no longer a job but a statement; it is a footprint on the capabilities of what human beings can do with focus and understanding of individual purpose. Au’loni illustrates all that is stated above through very unique storytelling and a focus on the “idea” that created a business and not just the business itself.

The success of Au’loni Magazine has forced me to succumb to a deep state of reflection. As a business owner, I’m constantly inspired and encouraged by what others are doing who surround me. There is always one word that comes up during any conversation with my fellow entrepreneurs…limitations. It’s readily discussed that having limitations is what took us so long to pursue our dreams and how the courage to rid ourselves of them has changed our lives forever. I was never privileged to a ceiling or cap on my ideas. I was very fortunate to have parents who encouraged me to focus outside of the box instead of resting comfortably in it. As a child, I never understood or believed that there were limits to what I could do. I will admit that at times, this got me into a great deal of trouble because I questioned everything.

There are many who would call this defiant but I saw it as enlightened. Why did I have to always believe what I was being told? Why did I have to study and work blindly because the world set a “status quo” on my life before I understood all that it could encompass? I’ve lived in several regions that were vastly different from one another which provided exposure to different cultures, environments, but most importantly it opened my mind to various ways of doing things. There are several forms of education, problem solving, and unique ways to comprise a solution. I focused on being the outcast and put myself in many different situations to truly learn from the best. For me, my teachers weren’t always in the classroom but the thinkers, the dream chasers, and those who set out to shape the world from points of isolation.

It was very clear to me that I would never be happy with the normal state of being, but a strong belief that in order to leave a mark on the world, you have to be transparent. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The wheel has already been built so we need to redesign the vehicle that will eventually utilize the wheel. This movement has no room for the limited or the belief that there’s a stopping point or deadline to all that you can achieve. Au’loni Magazine is mutually beneficial to the people and businesses that we feature and for our staff who seek out their stories to tell.

Au’loni Magazine’s unofficial mission is to open its arms to the masses and greet all who wish to share in the experience of those “square pegs in a round hole” as Steve Jobs so eloquently put it. We are providing an outlet and a support system through strong content, events, and opportunities through advertising to keep pushing our fellow businesses forward.

There is nothing that you can’t achieve and we believe that it’s high time that message starts circulating just as rapid as the idea that life is just a series of  limitations and roadblocks. Corporations have made a fortune off that idea which has created a false sense of security in the traditional workforce. It’s time to stop parking our cars on the side of the road because of potential “danger up ahead” but join us in riding it out to see where it leads. From afar, we are watching the traffic on the highway and we want all of our readers and supporters to know that we see you. We hear you. Thanks for joining us.

Zarinah Hameen

Publisher and Editor in Chief of Au’loni Magazine