Marrero2“I’m a creator,” is how Luis Marrero explained himself with one word, because the list of what he does is just too long. This young innovator has most likely dibbled and dabbled in anything you can name, clothing designing, hosting, modeling, but his passion ? Poetry. “I’m a poet first,” Luis explains to Au’loni Magazine that working was “cutting into his creativity,” which is how he became the person he is today. This determined creator shares that three times is a charm, with him working and quitting three different jobs, three times, so he can focus on his craft.

Luis hosts two popular events in the Philadelphia area, The Forbidden Fruit Ball, which occurs yearly, and Voices in Power, which happens every month. Both events stem from interesting stories. The Forbidden Fruit Ball came from Luis’s need for financial assistance. His roommate came up with the idea of hosting a private event, selling tickets for a secret event. People would buy tickets for a party they knew nothing about, which Luis gave the Masquerade Ball theme. This helped him out financially, and from that moment, one of the most popular annual events in Philadelphia was formed. Because the event is thrown in February, some of the proceeds are given to Women’s Heart Disease Organization, because that is what February is focused on.

Marrero3His monthly event, Voices in Power came from his need to change the poetry scene. He used the word “politics” to describe the Philly poetry scene. He did not agree with the hierarchy of Philly’s poetry environment, he said “it started to kill my love for poetry,” and wanted everything to be equal, so he started his own poetry event. The birth of Voices in Power emerged in Deptford, New Jersey in 2011, allowing him to gain stability, and then coming back to his hometown.

Voices In Power allow artists to express their creativity. These poets sign up and share their talent with other creators. This event sheds light on other talented individuals, allowing them to show the expertise artistically, whether it is poetry, live painting, or whatever their creative talent is. This event also allows for these artists to come together and network. Voices in Power is in its fifth year of bringing artists together. With a huge following on Twitter of over twenty thousand people, Luis brings out an audience from Las Vegas, Florida, and Texas. Because of popular demand, Luis is taking Voices in Power to other cities like Baltimore and Columbus, so “they can experience what is going on in Philly.”

“Take your time,” is the advice that Luis gives young entrepreneurs and innovators, with no hesitation. Adding to that, Luis says that getting a mentor is helpful, allowing you to glide over the small mistakes and moving faster and wiser.

Luis’s hard work and dedication has paid off for him, allowing him to hosts events, spread those events to different cities, and open up his own space, called The Dungeon, so people can host their own events. Luis’s future is looking exciting, and we cannot wait to see what he does next. To connect with Luis you can follow him on twitter at @ImSuperDope_