Not everyone would choose to work with family or close friends, however this young entrepreneur began his own company doing just that. Beau Rosario, along with his twin brother and some of their closest friends, are the team that makes up Philamedia. Philamedia is a media production company that do a variety of work, such as photography, videography, and editing. The company has a vast client base that extends all across the country. This young group of driven men and women have come a long way in the last few years and have big plans for the future.


Au’loni reached out to Beau and was given an opportunity to talk with him and get a deeper look into Philamedia. The whole thing started when Beau was Senior at Temple University studying film and media. The way Beau describes it was the whole thing just “fell on his lap,” he never expected to be running his own business. The apartment building he was living in had asked him to do a series of photos for promotions; Beau had already had experience doing some wedding shoots, so he was willing to help out. The parent company loved the work he did for the one building, they asked him to do photos for all their properties on the east coast. This is where the idea of doing media work for a multitude of clients came to be. Beau’s brother, Clint, as well as several of his close friends all had interest, knowledge, and experience in this field, so it was only natural to bring them on board and make something out of this opportunity. After Philamedia got its start, many of their clients have been luxury/rental real estate, working on their advertising and promotions, and clients coming in anywhere from Boston to Miami. Regardless of where their work comes from, the company loves to stay loyal to their Philly clients, such as several churches and non-profit companies and finding innovative ways to show off properties.


We asked the question about what it was like working with family and friends and Beau shared both the benefits, and some of the difficulties they face. To preface he shared that he really does love working with his brother and friends, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the most ideal situation. He loves the fact that they can all be along for the ride and help push each other to success. Most of the team also has side projects that they like to work on, and having that kind of support behind you helps see your ideas become a reality. The only real difficulties, Beau shares, are when there are disagreements on how to something should get done or improved and you want to keep the friend role, but you have to play the professional role; there’s always some kind of “personal feel” when something goes wrong or there is a disagreement. At the end of the day, however, they are all there to support one another and accomplish what they set out to accomplish.


The future of Philamedia is “vague” Beau states, “we want to try our hand in other ventures.” Ultimately the company is looking into create a branch company called West Diamond that would handle more live events, entertainment, and event media. Philamedia has snowballed from a small project that fell on the lap of a college senior, into continuously growing media production company. This goes to show the plan you have for your career or your business might not go how you imagined. Taking an idea, rolling with it and then expanding on it will lead to success when you have the right people and are searching to fill a need. We look forward to seeing the growth and success of Beau and the rest of the team at Philamedia.



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